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Archives for: November 30th, 2017

Boy Dies in Utility Terrain Vehicle Accident in Berks County

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 30, 2017

A 13 year old boy recently died due to his injuries following a utility terrain vehicle (UTV) accident in Berks County.

According to officials, the boy was one of two teenagers injured when their UTV struck a tree head on. The accident is still under investigation by Pennsylvania State Police.

UTV and…Read More

Sexual Harassment Victims Speaking Out

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 30, 2017

Recent headlines have revealed the number of people sexually harassed, especially in the workplace, was far higher than originally believed. Though it might seem as if more incidents of harassment are occurring, many believe that incidents that were previously ignored are now being reported.

In a survey conducted by NBC News,…Read More

Police Looking for Driver in Deadly Hit and Run Crash

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 30, 2017

Police continue their search for the driver of a late-model two-tone maroon and tan, or gray, Ford pickup that was involved in a deadly hit and run crash in Lower Southampton, PA, along Street Road near Philmont Avenue in the Trevose area.

The accident involved 19 year old Jess Kurtz who…Read More

Man Dies in Hunting Accident

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 30, 2017

Every year hunters die during deer hunting season due to accidents and 2017 was no exception.

Randy Gozzard, 62, from St. Petersburg, Florida, and originally from Ashtabula County, Ohio, was killed while he hunted with three friends along Horton Road in Monroe Township.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continues to…Read More

Product Liability: Man Suffers Paralyzing Fall after Carabiner Fails

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 29, 2017

Companies that sell faulty or defective products can be held legally responsible when consumers are injured.

In some cases, it’s even proven that companies knowingly sold products that put consumers at risk, and then waited too long or did not bother at all to issue warnings or to remove the dangerous…Read More

One Person Fatality and Several Injured in Fiery Crash in West Goshen Township

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 29, 2017

Several people were injured and one area political figure lost his life in a multi-vehicle crash that occurred on Route 202 in West Goshen Township, Chester County recently.

The crash shut down the highway going both ways for several hours.

The nine vehicle accident occurred when a tractor trailer slammed into a…Read More

Injured Worker Seeks Damages after Fall

Written by HeavensLawFirm on November 2, 2017

An Aurora man has filed a lawsuit alleging he was injured on the job as the result of his employer’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards violations.

Darrel Fint filed his complaint in US District Court for the Southern District of West Virginia on September 26, 2017. The suit claims…Read More