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Dangerous Drugs

You can find scores of articles and websites dedicated to fixing failures in agencies like the FDA (Federal Drug Administration). These materials exist because too many people suffer dire consequences from the FDA’s failure to properly test new drugs and to challenge such things as genetically modified foods or drug induced diseases. Just consider that any new drug has to be tested and approved by the FDA in order to be sure it is safe, and yet we’ve all seen (and even experienced) what happens when there has not been enough testing.

In fact, some believe that roughly half of the drugs on the current market have far too many harsh and negative side effects to be suitable for use by consumers at all. We might joke when we hear advertisements about the many possible side effects, and how they seem far worse than the conditions the drugs are meant to remedy, but when these effects strike us, there is nothing funny about it.

Major Mistakes

The Public Citizen’s Health Resource Group pointed out that the FDA seems unable to learn from its mistakes and that there have been “13 instances of drug approvals which either should not have been approved … or should have been restricted … or withdrawn … earlier than they were.” (CSPINET.org, 2006) Although drugs that cause problems tend to be withdrawn within 12 months of their release, this doesn’t mean that all of the flawed drugs are caught in time. It also means that at least some have suffered badly enough to cause a withdrawal in the first place.

What does this mean to consumers? It means that if you suffered a major medical issue because of harmful drugs (and there are several hundred thousand instances every year), you must get in touch with dangerous drug attorneys. These are legal experts familiar with the most effective ways of pursuing the large drug companies for compensation after their drugs have caused harm.

The Uphill Battle

Do keep in mind that most drug makers are multi-billion dollar enterprises with an entire division of lawyers and experts ready to take a stand against any claims of wrongdoing. After all, the laws do state that a drug maker is going to be liable for any and all injuries or losses that their products cause. Whether it is because the drugs were dangerous or because they were defective, the company making them is going to be responsible for paying compensation to those harmed by them.

Sadly, these companies combat many claims, and they often end up becoming major court cases. Even when they don’t let it go to court, no one should ever try to negotiate a settlement with a company on their own. The legal issues are just too important and complex, and so it is the work of dangerous drug attorneys instead.

These are attorneys who understand everything from the statutes of limitation that apply to claims against drug makers to the most effective ways of proving a claim. There is far too much at stake if you have sustained a health issue (or you are the surviving dependents of a person who died because of dangerous drugs) from pharmaceuticals. Rather than add further stress and strain to your life pursuing a legal case against a massive, multinational company, allow a qualified attorney to do the work.

At Heavens Law, you can enjoy a free consultation about your case and discover if there are already others making the same claims or if you have a strong enough case to stand on your own. You can then take the next steps towards claiming compensation and getting your life back on track.


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