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Sexual Harassment Victims Speaking Out

Recent headlines have revealed the number of people sexually harassed, especially in the workplace, was far higher than originally believed. Though it might seem as if more incidents of harassment are occurring, many believe that incidents that were previously ignored are now being reported.

In a survey conducted by NBC News, 81 percent of respondents said they believe there are at least some cases of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Experts and Victims Call for Additional Training and Education

In response to the increase in reporting, many victims and experts have called for increased attention to sexual misconduct. Many believe that additional training could help to reduce the number of incidences that occur.

So far, though, it doesn’t seem as if employers are taking action. Only one in five people surveyed reported they had received additional training or seen changes in policy since the uptick in reported incidents began.

As a matter of fact, most employers reported that sexual harassment is not a problem in their workplace. Many believe their employees are comfortable with their work environments and that the “level of sensitivity is just right” among employees.

The good news is most employees reported they would feel comfortable reporting if they were a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace.

What Should You Do If You are Victimized in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment can have lasting implications. Not only does it make professional relationships strained, it can leave a victim feeling powerless and abused for years to come. People who are victimized by sexual predators, especially in the workplace, tend to change how they respond to co-workers. Some believe their experiences affect their work for years to come.

If you’ve been harassed in the workplace and you believe it was not handled properly by your superiors and/or the human resources department, you might have a right to take legal action. We’ve worked with sexual harassment victims to help them recover compensation for the pain and suffering they’ve endured.

Sexual harassment laws are designed to ensure that everyone in the workplace is comfortable and does not feel threatened. In order for employees to perform their job duties, they must feel safe and not be intimidated by predatory behavior by their co-workers or supervisors.

Everyone has a right to a safe work environment. For more information or to discuss an incident with an experienced attorney, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377 for more information.