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70% of our clients come from referrals of former clients, family and friends.

Heavens Law Firm was a beacon of hope to my family and I. At a time when our options appeared limited and the likelihood of justice for our mother seemed nigh on impossible. Not only was Chris able to defend us from additional suffering, his calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to me. My children, sisters, grandmother and I are eternally grateful for his service. His staff Cindy and Wendy were also helpful, understanding and compassionate. I will never be able to repay them for the prompt, professional, and knowledgeable service they provided me. I whole heartedly recommend Mr. Heavens and his amazing staff without any reservation!


I would like to add if you’ve been to hell and back like I have please see HEAVENS LAW FIRM!
They feel like family to me!

Heavens law firm is excellent. If you have any needs for personal injury claims, call them. Aaron and Chris are authentic people and they truly care. The firm staff is always courteous and friendly no matter what. They always went the extra mile for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better team for the type case I had. 5 stars!

Chris Billings

Heavens law firm is excellent. If you have any needs for personal injury claims, call them. Aaron and Chris are authentic people and they truly care. The firm staff is always courteous and friendly no matter what. They always went the extra mile for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better team for the type case I had. 5 stars!

Stephanie Feaster

I wanted to write to thank you for representing me during my court proceedings. Your encouragement and support were immeasurable, even when I wanted to give up on the case. I am blown away by the integrity and all the hard work everyone in your office and yourself put forth on my behalf. Your kindness and professionalism was my guiding light during this dark and trying time in my life. I will forever be thankful for your help, determination, courage, analytical skills, and most of all your hard work. I appreciate that you didn’t give up on me or my case and that you arranged mediation to resolve the matter quickly out of court.

I would not hesitate to recommend your firm to anyone in need of a wonderful lawyer(s) and friendly staff

Thank you again

Jennifer Hughes

My son was playing on our new recliner and sliced his leg down to the muscle because of a staple sticking out of the chair. My son has to get 16 stiches. The company where we bought the chair ignored our complaints. We were referred to Chris Heavens. Mr. Heavens got the company to take responsibility for our son’s medical bills, plus much more. If the company would have just paid our medical bills, we would not have retained a lawyer, but we are glad we met Mr. Heavens and highly recommend him to others.

Cole and Pattie O’brien

We went to Heavens Law Firm without knowing what to expect. After the initial meeting with Chris Heavens we left feeling good about my case. Chris and his employees were always professional and courteous at all times to us. They kept us informed about our case from day one until it was settled. We are satisfied with the outcome and would recommend Chris Heavens to our family and friends

Sherry Groves

After I was hit by a DUI driver and received automobile damage and physical injury, I felt like I could work with the defendant’s insurance company myself to come to an agreement/settlement. But after working with the insurance company for two weeks, it became clear that I was being treated like I was the guilty party. Heavens Law Firm was recommended to me by a professional friend.

Choosing Chris Heavens as my attorney was one that I will never regret. Chris began immediately working my case. I never had to call his office to inquire on the status of the case. I was always updated in a timely manner. He and his staff were professional … yet very caring.

My advice to each of you is to never doubt … just reach out to Heaven’s Law Firm immediately for the legal services you need. Like me … you won’t regret it. To Chris Heaven’s and his great legal team … Many thanks for all you have done for me!

Todd Woolery

Back in 2012 when our family business was being sued for the first time we received a reservation of rights letter from our insurance company. Meaning they might not cover the loss. Chris Heavens and his team were hired immediately to fight the insurance company and make sure they protected our family business. Chris continues to defend us in all legal matters. If it wasn’t for Heavens Law Firm we may not be in business today. Thanks Chris!

Linda Blevins

First of all, when I first heard his law firm’s name, I just knew that’s where I needed to go for a consultation for a problem. I called and talked to one of the nicest ladies there and she directed me in the right path. She gave me an appointment to come in to talk with Chris Heavens. Friendship started there that day with all that worked there. I felt so at ease and knew I didn’t have to worry about anything. I felt so much better and always called to talk to them whenever I wanted just to ease my mind. They are all concerned, caring, compassionate and knowledgeable. Chris and all of his employees will do everything possible to see that you get a fair trial and get what you deserve. I couldn’t have gone to any better firm than Heavens Law Firm. Friends for Life! Love them all!!!

Amanda Wellman

My husband and I contacted Chris Heavens because of his reputation for integrity and professionalism, but what we got in the process was a true friend! From the very beginning he was genuinely concerned for our well-being. If you are looking for a caring, compassionate group of people to help you through a very difficult situation, then look no further! I would recommend Chris Heavens to everyone I know.

Billie Smith

Chris Heavens law firm accepted my personal injury malpractice case with very little information to begin with.  He worked on the case diligently with every call, concern, regard or question I had, answered with prompt and courteous care.  They became like family.  Without him, I would not be able to put closure on the wrong-doings against me.  He is a blessing who truly helped me heal, and fought for my suffering to win a monetary damage amount that will help me put this pain behind me and start a new life.  My prayers were answered with the help of Chris Heavens law firm. 

Elisha Riffe

I really want to thank you for all of the hard work you and your team has done.  You have been by my side from day one and answered any questions or concerns I have had.  It means the world to me that you fought so hard to get each of us the amount of money you did.  You have helped me and my family to have a much brighter future!  Thank you for everything you have done!                  

Sheridan Browning     

I was very pleased with Chris and his staff on the work performed on my case. From the first conversation,  Chris listened to my situation and then explained to me all the legal points to the case as he saw it.  Chris always asked how I was doing as well as my family; he has a way of making you feel as part of a family instead of just another client or a name on paper.  Very adamant about getting the best specialist, evidence, and witnesses to prove his case.

Chris has the best people working for him as they have the same outlook as he does. They help make a lot of the confusing paper work so much easier to understand.  If I needed anything I could call and either Chris or his great staff was quick to assist in anyway possible.

I couldn’t imagine having anyone else to handle my case other than Chris and his staff.  Once again, thank you for everything you have done for me and my family.

Robert A. DiNicola

Often the public view lawyers with a preconceived negative notion; but I can honestly say that Chris is a straightforward, ethical, compassionate, and competent professional. He will always take time to EXPLAIN the particulars of your case accept calls and return your calls in a effective/efficient manner. His administrative assistant is always courteous and detail oriented, treating you with BOTH dignity and respect.

The Masseys

Working with Heavens Law Firm was a great experience. Chris is very professional and knowledgeable and answered all of our questions in a very prompt and efficient manner. We never had to wait long for a call back. If Chris was not available his staff always made sure that he got his messages in a timely fashion. I would highly recommend Chris to anyone for legal services if they are looking for a true professional.

Charles and Vickie Kidd

“Heavens Law Firm is a very professional law firm.  I do not know where I would be today if not for Chris and the Heavens Law Firm.  They gave my case the highest level of attention and got my case to court with quick and professional results.  I was treated with respect and dignity by Heavens Law Firm and Staff.  I would personally and highly recommend Heavens Law and have already recommended him to my family and friends.  The staff and Chris will work hard for you to win your case because they are professionals at what they do.  Thank you for Chris for everything you have done in my case to get me and my family financially back on our feet.”

Bob P.

I am impressed with what you and your staff were able to accomplish in 4 months (my initial paperwork is dated January 7), and I appreciate the fact that you did so expediently and with little drama. Chris, you laid out the initial scenario for me and what happened mostly unfolded exactly as you scripted it. Clearly, you know your business. I’m glad that our paths crossed, and grateful for your efforts on my behalf. I wish you the best and I again thank you for your work representing me.

Tacy Patterson

“Our house exploded and caught on fire. We were injured and lost everything. There were news reports saying that the explosion was caused by a meth lab, and our family was being slandered in the news media. We hired Chris Heavens and he put together a legal team of experts who proved that the explosion and fire were caused by a propane leak. He filed suit and won our case against some very big corporations. I can’t say enough positive things about how well Chris Heavens and his staff treated my family. I highly recommend Chris Heavens and his firm.”

Carrie Wilson, granddaughter of Ethel Kirk, former client.

Chris represented my elderly grandmother, Ethel Kirk, when a vehicle struck her in July 2001.  Not only did he handle her case decisively and quickly, but with compassion.  He visited her in the hospital, he also made frequent home visits while she was recovering, not just to talk about the case, but to answer her questions, and inquire about her well being.  He showed true compassion and concern, not only for her health, but her future financial security.

My grandmother really came to like Chris and wanted him to visit her more often because Chris joked with her a lot and she has a personality to Chris’ personality.  She was depressed over her injuries and Chris lifted her spirits.  To this day, my family has never forgotten his acts of kindness and generosity. He really improved their view of lawyers by his conduct….

William R. and Shirley Hair, former clients.

We wanted to let you know how highly we regard Christopher Heavens.

Some time ago, he represented us in a lawsuit.  After having just lost a son, we didn’t know quite which way to turn.  We contacted him and immediately he responded to us.  He made himself available to us constantly, even spending most of one whole day with us at out home.

Even after the case was settled, we heard from him asking how we were doing and that his thoughts and prayers were with us.  Christopher is a very honest, caring, hard-working man who also has a heart for those he helps.  He is very sensitive to the needs of others.

We would recommend him in an instant to anyone in need of an attorney…

Kimberly Lester, former client

I feel that he is a great attorney.   I was a young mother with a child of just one year of age and had a lawsuit against a very powerful family in my hometown.  Chris Heavens made me feel confident about my case, and I feel like he was confident and well prepared for my case…

Opie Gail Nelson, former client

Mr. Heavens served as my attorney in a civil suit that was brought against me in 1994.  The suit was finally settled after five years or so, and during that time I had regular contact with Mr. Heavens.  I must say that Mr. Heavens is an exceptional attorney who represents his clients with passion and integrity.  He is an advocate who seeks the best interests of his clients, and above all, who seeks the truth…

Leon and Trudy Sponaugle, parents of Matt Sponaugle, former clients

Chris settled a case involving our son, who is physically disabled.  Chris always performed his legal duties in a professional and understanding manner.  Not only was Chris concerned with our legal situation, but also that of our personal well-being.  Even after our case was resolved, and his obligations met, Chris continued to maintain contact with our family.  He even went so far as to send our son a gift of a handicap assessable ATV.  We were completely satisfied with the services he provided for our family.

We have continued to contact Chris for advice with various legal issues, which have arisen since the time of our original case.  He has earned our faith and trust, and we accept the legal advice he provides.  Our experiences with Chris have helped to renew our faith in the legal system….

Mona L. Whitt, former client

My family and myself were very pleased with Mr. Chris Heavens as our lawyer.  I don’t believe I could have found a better lawyer to represent us.  He was very supportive in every aspect of the case.  I could always count on him to be there if I did not understand something.  My opinion, I believe Mr. Chris Heavens is a damn good lawyer….

David L. Smith, former client

Right from the beginning Chris was straightforward with me.  He said that he would look into my case, and see what he could do for me.  My first impression that I got from Chris was not that of what I expected from any other lawyers, which I knew from here in Moorefield.  He was a down to earth guy that I enjoyed talking to.  He was not straight to business; he wanted to get to know my family and myself.  Then as time passed and I got to know Chris even more, my first impression of Chris was right, he became my friend and not just my lawyer.  He would always ask about how everything was going in my family, and not just talk business and push me aside.  I know Chris changed my life as my lawyer in helping with my case, but what I really cherish the most is I made a friend for life, and to me a friend that you can count on to always be there is a precious commodity in today’s world and that is what I have with Chris…

Brenda L. Smith, mother of David Smith, former client

My son David had a skiing accident, and we checked with lawyers here in Moorefield about a case, but with no luck.  Chris got in contact with us one day, and he let us know how he found my name while working with another case.  Right from the beginning he seemed different than what I expected from a lawyer.  He seemed more like a friend caring about our family’s situation and not just about the facts.

Chris was able to change my family’s life, and not only as a lawyer.  David was able to get a settlement out of his case, which now ensures that he will be stable in the future, and not have to worry if something happens to me.  However, what my family cherishes most is that we can say that Chris is our friend.  He was a great lawyer and will continue being a good friend of my family….

Frank J. Mordesovitch, Jr., former client

Mr. Heavens represented my family and me when my son Charles Mordesovitch was killed in a hit and run accident by a drunken driver.  In my opinion of Mr. Heavens from the way he handled this case is that he is a very competent attorney.  Very professional and very competent.  I think Mr. Heavens is avaluable asset to his profession and to his community especially to the clients he serves….

Emily Cobb, mother of John Cobb, former client

Chris Heavens represented me following the death of my son who was struck by a truck.  While Chris was representing me, we became friends.

He is a very good person and lawyer in my opinion.  He changed the way I look at lawyers because now I know that all lawyers aren’t bad, some are actually human and aren’t just out for how much they are going to make.  Chris doesn’t just treat you like all you are is a dollar sign; he gets to know his clients and doesn’t act like he’s better than you…

Charles Stanford West, Esq., former client

My parents, Tom and Ruby, tragically died in a house fire around the time that I first met Chris.  My family decided to retain the McQueen Law Firm to handle the case.  Chris worked extremely hard on the case, obtaining a policy limit settlement from the insurer of the installer of the heat pump at my parent’s house.  He worked very well with the experts and witnesses in our case.

Chris developed a close personal relationship with my brother, Randy, my sister, Christine and me.  My family really grew to like and trust Chris.  Chris is a good lawyer and caring person.  His sincerity comes across to those people he represents.  If you talk to people who know Chris well, I am sure that they will agree…

Jeff Cline, former client

“Chris Heavens is simply the best, he represents the little man.  When you think there’s no where to turn, call Chris Heavens”

Kathy Keen

I really think that Christopher Heavens did a great job with my case.  He really worked hard for all of us that were done wrong.  I really do appreciate him.

Art Duke

I would like to thank Chris Heavens for the settlement he won for me. my husband didn’t deserve to die that way. Thanks to Cerdy for caring, and being there to help.