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Product Liability: Man Suffers Paralyzing Fall after Carabiner Fails

Companies that sell faulty or defective products can be held legally responsible when consumers are injured.

In some cases, it’s even proven that companies knowingly sold products that put consumers at risk, and then waited too long or did not bother at all to issue warnings or to remove the dangerous products from the market. These companies put their own profits and reputation ahead of the safety of consumers.

People injured or loved ones who have lost family members have received millions of dollars through settlements and awards by juries due to negligence on the part of manufacturers.

Man Suffers Paralysis after Accident with Faulty Carabiner

In one case, our firm represented a young man who suffered serious injuries after the carabiner he was using while rappelling failed.

A product recall was eventually issued for the carabiners, manufactured by the Omega Pacific Company, because they posed a risk for breaking while in use and put users at risk for injury or death. Our client was paralyzed as a result of his injuries.

A Simple, Low-Cost Solution Could Have Prevented Injury

It was determined that the design of the Omega Pacific carabiner was defective because it created the sensation of being locked even when it wasn’t. The carabiners featured no visible threads or demarcation on the outside of the carabiner to show when the sleeve was in the lock position, but if sand or another substance got into the sleeve, it would stop moving and give the sensation of being locked.

According to our expert witness, it would have taken nothing more than a simple, low-cost safety feature to eliminate the risk of false-locking scenarios.

Our client received a significant seven figure settlement from Omega Pacific.

The company also issued a recall alerting consumers to the problem and offering them a replacement or full refund for their carabiner. Approximately 1900 units have been affected by the recall.

Have You Been Injured by a Faulty Device or Product?

If you or a loved one was injured because of Omega Pacific’s faulty carabiner, or another product caused you harm, we can help. We’ve worked with victims to help them recover compensation after their lives were changed forever because of faulty products and negligence on the part of manufacturers.

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