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Cerebral Palsy

It is hard to imagine that our current medical system can allow for “avoidable” mistakes to still occur. For example, the different types of birth injuries that happen, which are mostly avoidable, are some of the most frustrating and heartbreaking of these issues. However, if you are someone who has recently welcomed a child into the world only to hear that your new baby sustained a birth injury, you must get in touch with a qualified attorney immediately.

While there is always room for errors and mistakes, even in the top medical centers, it is most often a case of negligence that leads to a baby sustaining a birth injury that leads to a condition like cerebral palsy.

Avoidable Mistakes Happen

Cerebral palsy is a condition that occurs when a child suffers a lack of oxygen during birth. It can begin just before birth or just after, but modern medical science has made it easier than ever to prevent this from happening. However, many treatable conditions lead to a child suffering fetal distress and developing cerebral palsy at the time of their arrival.

Whether it was an issue relating to the umbilical cord, the placenta, problems with the birth canal, or untreated health issues such as respiratory, cardiovascular, or even digestive problems, they are all issues that can be dealt with. When they are overlooked or undiagnosed due to negligence or poor medical care, the child’s subsequent development of cerebral palsy becomes a legal as well as a medical matter.

Naturally, if parents are going to bring a lawsuit against the hospital or medical care providers who made the mistakes, they need to prove that the medical team was to blame. That is a major undertaking, and not often something that parents of a special needs child have the time or the resources to do on their own. This is why it becomes so essential to turn to cerebral palsy attorneys who have a background in bringing such cases to a successful outcome.

The Long Term Implications

Sadly, a condition like cerebral palsy is a life-long condition. It may cause a child to be seriously handicapped and in need of ongoing care. This is a serious hardship for families, both financially and emotionally. It represents a major loss to everyone involved, and so those who could have taken steps to avoid this condition should be held accountable – financially.

Taking care of a child with cerebral palsy is not easy, and it takes a huge financial toll. No one should have to endure these pressures when the medical condition, and its subsequent outcomes, could have been avoided. Don’t hesitate to pursue a legal case against your medical care providers if your child was injured during or after they were born. Modern medical science makes it easier than ever to safely welcome babies into the world, and birth injuries should not occur. When they do, it is up to you to determine if it was avoidable, and if so, to then seek the damages and compensation that are due to you.

At Heavens Law their legal team has been able to help parents and families of children who developed cerebral palsy or who sustained other birth injuries. Their attorneys will consult for free with parents and caregivers and help them to understand what steps are available. Whether it is a very clear cut case of negligence prior to the birth of the baby, or it is a case of a failure to diagnose a problem immediately after birth, these cerebral palsy attorneys understand the challenges and have successfully negotiated cases for other families in similar circumstances.


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