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West Virginia Construction Accident Attorneys

It may shock you to learn that “out of 3,929 worker fatalities in…2013, 796 or 20% were in construction – that is, one in five worker deaths…” (OSHA.gov, 2013) This government agency also lists “Construction’s ‘Fatal Four'” issues that include falls, being struck by objects, electrocution, and being crushed between machines or materials.

All of this can sound pretty terrifying to anyone who is working in (or planning to work in) the construction industry. While it is possible to work for decades in the industry without incident, it does seem as if there are a lot of threats and factors outside of your control. And this is exactly what comes into question whenever there are accidents on the job – who or what led to the injury or death?

Get In Touch With West Virginia Construction Accident Attorneys

Because there are so many injuries and fatalities each year, construction companies and owners are well aware of the threats they face and will often seek to pass liability or responsibility to a contractor or subcontractor. The laws around this are changing, and cases of appeared in which it was ruled that the owner of any property cannot be relieved of liability through the use of a complex network of contractors and subcontractors.

However, that shows that the responsible parties may seek to escape liability by claiming that someone else was to be responsible for the safety of any work site. And what all of this means to someone injured, or to their surviving dependents should a worker be killed, on the job is that legal help is essential to navigating all of this confusion.

After all, if you need to claim damages and compensation after an injury or worker death, you don’t want to come up against a lot of legal arguments and debates that skip the main fact – someone has suffered losses and needs financial compensation in order to get on with life.

This is the reason to find West Virginia construction accident attorneys as soon as you can after an incident occurs. They will be able to obtain the kind of documentation, reports, and details that will help to prove just who is at fault, and therefore who is liable. Experienced attorneys know that a whole list of people can be liable for an accident or death, ranging from fellow workers and architects to contractors and even delivery vehicles. They will be able to bring together the many threads that show the whole fabric of any incident.

Don’t Hesitate

The key to getting the best outcome is to act fast. This can be very difficult when you are in a hospital trying to recover from a serious injury or when you are grieving the loss of a loved one killed in a construction accident, but the earlier you bring in legal help, the better the results.

An experienced construction accident attorney will already know that establishing responsibility is going to be an uphill battle, but they will also know all about the OSHA rules in place, the various groups involved in the project, and how the laws view your particular situation. It doesn’t matter what sort of injury you suffered – minor or severe – you should not have been put at risk on the job.

At Heavens Law you will be able to speak with an expert in West Virginia construction accident issues and learn about your options. You can consult with them about your case by phone, and for free, and they will be glad to help you determine your next best step. Whether it is to further investigate or bring a lawsuit, they will be your strongest advocate and help you get what you deserve after any construction incident.


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