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West Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

An accident can occur at any moment of the day, and when it does you stand the risk of suffering injury. Of course, it’s not always possible to predict when or where an accident may transpire. Some things just simply happen. However, the vast majority of accidents have an underlying cause, and most often that cause is another party’s recklessness, negligence or careless disregard for others. While a drunk driving accident may seem random from a certain perspective, when you consider the role that the drunk driver’s negligence played in the accident, it’s anything but. In these cases, and many others like them, those who have been injured have a right to pursue compensation and damages from the party or parties whose negligence led to their injuries. To do so, they should contact a West Virginia personal injury attorney, like the highly skilled ones that are employed at Heavens Law.

What Leads to Personal Injury?

There are a variety of different things that can transpire that will lead to someone suffering personal injury. The most common of these are:

  • Slip and falls on poorly maintained floors
  • Reckless or drunk drivers
  • Marine vessel accidents
  • Workplace catastrophes
  • And others

When one of these or another kind of accident is allowed to transpire due to the negligence of either an individual or an entity (like a business or municipality), then the injured party should retain the services of a personal injury attorney right away.

West Virginia Is a Comparative Negligence State

Unlike the majority of other states in the country, West Virginia personal injury law makes use of something that’s called comparative negligence. Comparative negligence means that in any personal injury case, the extent to which each party is responsible for the accident will be judged by the jury. For the person bringing the suit to be able to successfully collect compensation and damages from the defendant, it will be necessary to prove that the defendant is more than 50% responsible for the accident. Provided that this bar is met, the plaintiff will then receive the amount the jury awarded in the case minus a percentage that is equal to the level of responsibility the plaintiff was judged to have in the accident. While a reduction in a personal injury award may seem like a bad thing, it’s important to note that this means you can bring a personal injury case in West Virginia and receive an award even if you are partially responsible for the accident that transpired.

Chris Heaven’s Experience with Personal Injury

As an attorney, Chris Heavens used to represent large insurance companies in personal injury cases. Because of this, Chris is eminently familiar with the variety of tactics that insurance companies will employ when they are trying to avoid paying the full value of a claim. Now that Chris Heavens is working on the side of victims, he uses this knowledge to help personal injury victims combat the insurance companies so that they can receive the full compensation that’s due to them for their injuries.

How to Hire a West Virginia Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused due to another party’s negligence or recklessness, then you need to get in touch with Heavens Law today. Our West Virginia personal injury attorneys are waiting to help you. Just call us at 1-800-HEAV-LAW, and we’ll set up a free consultation wherein you can share the facts of your personal injury case. After listening to what you have to say, our West Virginia personal injury attorneys will review the options that are available to you for pursuing the fullest compensation allowable by law.