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Man Dies in Hunting Accident

Every year hunters die during deer hunting season due to accidents and 2017 was no exception.

Randy Gozzard, 62, from St. Petersburg, Florida, and originally from Ashtabula County, Ohio, was killed while he hunted with three friends along Horton Road in Monroe Township.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) continues to investigate the incident. The DNR reports the group was hunting on posted on land on which they had permission to hunt.

So far, DNR officials did not confirm whether or not Gozzard was wearing blaze orange safety clothing. There are also questions about whether the hunters were together or spread out at the time of Gozzard’s shooting. Investigators collected the guns being used by the others in Gozzard’s party as evidence, but are unsure if the shooter was one of the members of the party or if there was an additional person involved who did not have permission to be on the property.

Hunting Accident Victims Have a Right to Compensation

Every year experienced hunters head out to enjoy a sport they love, but unfortunately, many have their experienced ruined because of injuries. In many of these cases, the injuries are caused by a firearm.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury while hunting, or if you’ve lost a loved one because of a hunting accident, we can help. We’ve worked with individuals and families to help them determine if someone’s negligence contributed to the accident, and we’ve helped them recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our goal is to help the hunting community make their sport safer by reducing the risks involved during the hunting season. It’s impossible to stop every single hunting accident from occurring, but it is possible to reduce the negligence that causes so many to be harmed while enjoying a sport they love.

Common Hunting Accidents

What are some of the most common types of hunting accidents?

  • Mistaking a person for a target
  • Using alcohol or drugs while hunting
  • Misuse of a weapon by an inexperienced hunter
  • Accidental shooting
  • Injured while hunting on land that is posted

Many hunters are also injured in accidents that do not involve guns.

We’ve helped hunters recover compensation for a wide range of accidents, including gunshot wounds, broken bones, head, back, and neck injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

If you’ve been involved in one of the thousand or so hunting accidents that occur annually, or you’ve lost a loved one in a hunting accident, we can help. Contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377 for more information.