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Birth Injury

All families eagerly await the birth of any new child, and yet these times are also full of worries about medical problems and complications, too. Though there are many tests that can be done to help families know if there are any medical issues for the soon to arrive child, there are also incidents that can happen that are entirely unexpected and impossible to predict. However, there are some instances when the issue was avoidable, and when liability exists for those who were supposed to prevent such life-altering injuries from occurring.

While just who is to blame may seem obvious to the parents and family of the children harmed by birth injuries, it is still upon them to prove their claims. This is the primary reason that they should get in touch with experienced birth injury attorneys as soon as possible after the child is born and diagnosed.

The Points to Consider

For instance, birth injuries are not always very clear. While the most obvious people blamed for birth injuries are the doctors and nurses in the delivery room, it may also be something relating to prenatal care that led to a birth injury. Wrongly prescribed medications, a failure to diagnose hypertension, the use of tools like forceps, inadequate assessment of birth conditions…these are all issues that can lead to birth injuries and yet they represent a diversity of different professionals.

This is why you need a qualified attorney to help you review all of the facts. They are going to understand the various types of injuries that a child may suffer and will know how to begin proving the validity of your case. They will be experts at the “elements” of a claim and know how to demonstrate the legal obligations of each person who is actually liable for the injury.

Whether a child contracted some form of palsy due to a lack of oxygen during birth or because a mother was prescribed a dangerous medication, the attorney is going to understand the next steps to take. Consider that a case may not need only a medical review. It may be a matter of pursuing FDA reports about risks of certain drugs or procedures, and this is not something that parents of a child with a birth injury will have the time, expertise, or personal resources to pursue. This is the work of birth injury attorneys.

Getting Started

You can sue doctors, pharmaceutical makers, hospitals, and medical groups or experts of all kinds if they are liable for a birth injury that your child sustained. The key is to work with someone who understands the many details involved in such cases. Birth injury attorneys are the ideal resources at such times and are the best path to pursuing damages and establishing liability. While nothing can undo the damages done when a medical expert or even a medical team fails to do their job properly, but that does not mean you should suffer financial hardship in the weeks, months or years that follow.

If you have learned that your child suffered a birth injury that could have been avoided, sit down with the legal experts at Heavens Law. They understand everything from problems with prescription drugs to medical malpractice claims and they can be your most trusted resource. They will review your case in an initial, complimentary, consultation and review your options from there. They can help you seek damages from pharmaceutical makers, hospitals, doctors, and more, and you will want to get in touch with them today to begin discussing all of your options and reviewing all of the details of your birth injury case.


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