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Category: Work Accident

Stripper Car Crash

Written by HeavensLawFirm on October 3, 2017

A recent ruling by the Ohio State Supreme Court determined The Living Room strip club in Dayton had no Dram Shop liability and would not have to pay a $2.85 million verdict under the state’s Dram Shop Act. The Act, established in 2004, says bar and tavern owners are liable…Read More

Jury Rules Accident Caused by Poor Loading Dock Procedures

Written by HeavensLawFirm on October 2, 2017

A jury recently ruled the injuries of Paul Michalec, a 47 year old chief engineer, were caused by poor loading dock procedures.

Michalec’s injuries occurred on May 28, 2015, when he and a co-worker drove to American Supply Co., Inc., in Philadelphia to pick up materials. Michalec’s co-worker positioned their vehicle…Read More

Mining Accidents a Major Concern in Pennsylvania

Written by HeavensLawFirm on April 24, 2017

The recent incident involving a Lincoln County miner’s death was caused by a rock that fell between roof bolts, according to the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).

The miner, Dennis Fillinger of Harts, West Virginia, was injured at the CK Mine No. 5 near Williamson in Mingo County in February….Read More

Road Worker Deaths – Need for Safety

Written by HeavensLawFirm on May 19, 2016
The Need for Greater Road Worker Safety

While road construction worker deaths nationwide are down from what they were, they are still far too common. There are many different factors that contribute to the death toll here, but almost all of them involve drivers, not mistakes on the part of road…Read More

Construction Worker Killed in Fall From Vikings Stadium

Written by HeavensLawFirm on August 27, 2015

All construction work on the U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis was put on hold after a construction worker fell 50 feet off the roof and died. The construction worker, Jeramie Gruber, fell while performing roofing work on the north side of the new Minnesota Vikings Stadium. A second worker was also…Read More

Four Injured After Explosion at Metal Plant in Alloy,WV

Written by HeavensLawFirm on July 31, 2015

Authorities reported to a metal plant in Fayette County after an explosion at the metal plant left four people injured. The explosion happened around noon, at the WVA Manufacturing, LLC facility on Route 60, formerly the Elkem Metals Plant. Fayette County EMS reported that four people have suffered injuries. Two people were taken to…Read More

Married Couple Sues After Husband is Injured on the Job

Written by HeavensLawFirm on July 24, 2015

A married couple in Charleston, West Virginia is suing, after the husband was injured on a job site. The couple, Glenn Fultz and Constance Fultz filed a lawsuit in Kanawha Circuit Court against B & F Contracting Inc., Northern Management Services Inc. and B. Armstrong Electrical Services Inc.

According to the…Read More