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Four Injured After Explosion at Metal Plant in Alloy,WV

Authorities reported to a metal plant in Fayette County after an explosion at the metal plant left four people injured. The explosion happened around noon, at the WVA Manufacturing, LLC facility on Route 60, formerly the Elkem Metals Plant. Fayette County EMS reported that four people have suffered injuries. Two people were taken to Charleston Area Medical Center and a third was being treated at a hospital in Montgomery. The fourth person was transported by helicopter to Cabell Huntington Hospital for treatment of first and second degree burns to the face, throat and arms. The extent of the other victims’ injuries are not known, but officials said all are expected to recover.

According to Chief Myers with the Boomer Volunteer Fire Department, the injured, were workers at the plant who were reportedly digging a hole to put in a fence post, when the struck a power line leading to multiple transformers. When the line was struck, it caused a flash fire causing a transformer to blow, Myers said. About two hours later, operations at the plant resumed. The incident is under investigation.

As an employee, you have a right to a reasonably safe working environment. This extends to everyone from those working in an office to construction workers and security guards. While the definition of “safe” will differ from one environment to the next, the law is unequivocal in insisting that you don’t have to take on unnecessary risks for the sake of a paycheck. If you sustain an injury while doing your job, workers comp is what pays for your medical expenses as well as covering lost wages during your recovery period. Unfortunately, it is not always entirely obvious that your injury occurred during your workday, and the group known as the workers compensation board is tasked with determining whether or not you did get hurt at work, or if it was something that happened to you while you were at home and on your own free time.

The truth of the matter is that very few companies want to pay workers who cannot perform their jobs as they are recovering from an incident. These companies always seek to argue the severity of an injury, the validity of the claim, or even their own responsibility for the injury itself. Your employer may actually say that you did not follow proper procedure and so the liability is not theirs, but yours. Rather than find yourself stuck with a pile of medical bills and no income, seek the help of West Virginia workers comp attorneys immediately after any injury or incident. They will know how to get things done quickly, and how to prevent further holdups or delays.




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