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West Virginia Workers Comp Attorneys

Most of us understand what the term “workers comp” means, and that it is usually related to being injured on the job. However, not many of us know that it can often be quite difficult to make a claim for workers compensation after being injured on the job. This is one of the main reasons to make sure you are in touch with West Virginia workers comp attorneys if you find yourself involved in such a case.

Understanding the Challenges

If you sustain an injury while doing your job, workers comp is what pays for your medical expenses as well as covering lost wages during your recovery period. Unfortunately, it is not always entirely obvious that your injury occurred during your workday, and the group known as the workers compensation board is tasked with determining whether or not you did get hurt at work, or if it was something that happened to you while you were at home and on your own free time.

Of course, it is not just whether you were at work or not that can be questioned. The actual severity of the issue can come under scrutiny by the board as well, and you may find yourself in need of West Virginia workers comp attorneys in order to prove that the incident happened as original described and to the severity being claimed.

What is at Stake

It is not simply a matter of arguing over the issue, it is also important to remember that you may have been injured because your company is not instituting proper safety programs and protocols or that management is not following through on them, and your case could be the one that helps others in the future.

Remember too that many companies tend to combat any and all workers comp claims because they will see an increase in their insurance and they may also want to set a precedent among employees. For example, very few companies just accept the claim and tend to send in their own medical experts or even pursue the matter as a legal issue. This is to ensure that employees see that filing such claims will be met with resistance, and that it may not be worth their time to attempt a case of their own in the future.

This sounds a bit sinister, but it happens all of the time. This is why it is of such importance for anyone injured while doing their job to file their claim in a very timely manner, and with proper legal support.

Work With Experts

The truth of the matter is that very few companies want to pay workers who cannot perform their jobs as they are recovering from an incident. These companies always seek to argue the severity of an injury, the validity of the claim, or even their own responsibility for the injury itself. Your employer may actually say that you did not follow proper procedure and so the liability is not theirs, but yours.

Rather than find yourself stuck with a pile of medical bills and no income, seek the help of West Virginia workers comp attorneys immediately after any injury or incident. They will know how to get things done quickly, and how to prevent further holdups or delays.

The experts at Heavens Law offer initial consultation without any cost or commitment, and will help you to determine what your next best steps should be. They have a lot of experience with cases of this kind and will not only help you get a good outcome, but to make sure it is done in a timely manner.


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