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Archives for: January 31st, 2017

Two Truckers Die in Icy Crash on I-80

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 31, 2017

Two truck drivers lost their lives last week, on the I-80. One of the two tractor-trailor drivers was identified by the coroner. The crash was caused by a six vehicle chain reaction in central Pennsylvania.

Coroner Scott Sayers of the Centre County stated that the victim was John…Read More

Cargo Handler Drops Freight on Man and Gets Sued

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 31, 2017

A man from Delaware County claimed that he was injured by one of the baggage handlers at Philadelphia International Airport. The filed complaint reported that the plaintiff said his leg was affected due to some freight being dropped on him. This resulted in him in filing a personal injury lawsuit….Read More

Trucking Company Comes Under Investigation for Explosion

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 31, 2017

On Wednesday at Duncansville, there was an explosion in trucking company causing 2 employees of the company to be injured. The two were later flown to a Pittsburgh Hospital to be treated for their injuries. Injuries suffered included burns, said the investigators.

The Blair Township police Chief Roger White…Read More

Uber Pays $20 Million for Settling a Government Lawsuit

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 31, 2017

The popular transportation service provider Uber recently agreed to pay $20 million to the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S, over a lawsuit about claims for driver compensation and its auto leasing program.

The U.S ¬†Federal Trade Commission sued Uber on Thursday, stating that the online cab service provider…Read More

The New DUI Law in Pennsylvania

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 23, 2017

Pennsylvania is changing its DUI laws, especially the ones that apply to first-time DUI offenders. Tom Wolf signed a bill in May 2016 which states that breathalyzer enabled ignition interlock devices will be expanded even more when the DUI law takes effect this year in 2017. These breathalyzers prevent the…Read More

Solar Panel Company gets sued

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 23, 2017

A number of solar panel installers alleged that they were not paid their due for working overtime.

Corey Hanna, Josh Lunn, Johnny Smith, Stephen Lewis and others had to file a complaint against Solar Tight Installation on Dec 13 at the U.S District Court for the Eastern District of…Read More

15 Year old student dies at Ski Resort

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 23, 2017

A 15-year-old high school freshman from Singapore died on the 16th of January while skiing at the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania.

Juliette Dajani attended Blair Academy, which is a private school in Blairstown, New Jersey housing over 400 students of 26 different…Read More

EQT, Monroe County Couple locked in battle over interstate pipeline project

Written by HeavensLawFirm on January 12, 2017

A couple of weeks back, Gazette-Mail reported that Bryan and Doris McCurdy, a Monroe County couple, were locked in legal battle with EQT, a pipeline company over an interstate pipeline project. According to initial reports, the pipeline would pass through the property Bryan and Doris McCurdy have called home for…Read More

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