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Trucking Company Comes Under Investigation for Explosion

On Wednesday at Duncansville, there was an explosion in trucking company causing 2 employees of the company to be injured. The two were later flown to a Pittsburgh Hospital to be treated for their injuries. Injuries suffered included burns, said the investigators.

The Blair Township police Chief Roger White gave more details about an explosion on Wednesday afternoon which was at Metzler Bros. LLC trucking company at 709 2nd Avenue in Blair Township.

White stated that “What we do know is that there was an explosion, and there was no doubt a flash fire,” 

The 2 employees were cleaning a big hauler tank which is used to hold fuel when the explosion occurred, White informed.

In the beginning, many people on the scene stated that one the men had fallen inside of the tank but White denied such claims by saying “No one fell into the tank,”

White informed that a man had to be removed from inside the tank at the time of the explosion. He further stated that the explosion was contained in the tank and so only its interior was heavily damaged and not the exterior which remained intact.

The other Metzler employee was right above the tank when the explosion took place, said, White.

“That individual was blown off the top of the tank and landed on some of the running gear that was attached to the trailer,” he said.

The explosion caused the flash fire which got extinguished quickly, said White. He said he knew so because the two men suffered burns.

Police escorted the ambulances around 1:40 pm on Wednesday. The explosion took place around 1:20 pm.

He later informed the next day that both of the men were alive but he didn’t know the severity of their burns and injuries.

This incident has been deemed as an accident by investigators and since there is no criminal investigation, the two men (both in their 40s) will remain anonymous, said White.

The Police officer also mentioned that the real cause of explosions could be speculated more accurately by the two men who were working there, and the investigation continues.

Metzler was called on both Wednesday and Thursday, but none of the company officials wanted to give any statement regarding this incident.

This accident is also being investigated by the U.S Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration. According to one of its spokeswoman, this investigation can last up to 6 months.