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Archives for: September 27th, 2015

Tulsa Physician’s Failure to Diagnose and Failure to Provide Adequate Care Causes Infant Death and Leads to $5 Million Medical Malpractice Verdict.

Written by HeavensLawFirm on September 16, 2015

Physician Dr. Michael Chang was found liable for $5 million in damages in light of a medical malpractice suit stemming from his failure to properly diagnose and treat a pediatric patient for Kawasaki disease, resulting in the patient’s death. The parents of the child, Nao Vang and Lo Vangseng, filed…Read More

Yeager Airport Shares the Blame (and Costs) of its Landslide

Written by HeavensLawFirm on September 4, 2015

The Yeager Airport landslide, occurring last March, has seen its latest legal development in US federal courts. The landslide, which among other things severely damaged a recent airport runway extension project, has left various parties litigating claims. Specifically, in a ruling by federal Kanawha circuit Judge James Stucky in response…Read More

West Virginia-American Water Faces Suit for Property Damage Caused by Water Leaks

Written by HeavensLawFirm on September 1, 2015

West Virginia-American Water faces suit from three West Virginia residents whose homes have sustained considerable water damage due to complications with WVAW pipe and water line systems. Plaintiffs Amy Jarrell, Verna Gibson, and Ronald Gibson claim that the water leakages and flow from faulty pipes led to irreparable damages to…Read More

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