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Weather Played a Role in East Falls Crash

Philadelphia police have released information about an accident that occurred recently on Henry Avenue at Hermit Lane. According to law enforcement, the collision resulted in the deaths of 6-year-old Eric Barksdale Perez, and 20-year-old Ziare Ross-Wilson.

A 7-month-old, as well as seven other people were injured in the event. At least four had very serious injuries including broken bones and ruptured organs.

Police report that weather conditions in the area played a role in the crash. They said that it does not appear that any of the people involved were impaired in any way.

According to police, a Mazda 6 with seven people, including four kids, was traveling north. As it approached a curve in the road, it spun into the other lane toward a southbound vehicle with two adults. Neither of the vehicles had time to swerve to avoid the collision.

Police report that the two adults in the front seat of the Mazda were ejected from the vehicle.

According to John Wilczynski, Philadelphia’s Police Captain, “If everyone was restrained we clearly would see less severe injuries for sure, and maybe not anybody killed, but you really don’t know because you can still get an internal injury from a crash like that. But it is always advisable to wear a seat belt, especially with children like that. It was not a safe way to travel.”

As a parent, there are few things more important than your child’s safety. That’s why it’s so important to use safety restraints when driving. Why?

Safety restraints keep you and your child safe in the event of a crash. You never know when something might happen on the road and you need to do all you can to protect yourself and your loved ones. This is especially the case when weather affects driving conditions.

Children who wear safety restraints are less likely to be injured in a crash. Kids are especially vulnerable in vehicle crashes. This is why it’s so import to properly install and use car seats and follow other safety guidelines for driving with children.

Safety restraints are required by law in many states. In some cases, failing to put your child in a car seat or wear a seatbelt is illegal.

Using safety restraints when driving is the best way to keep you and your child safe.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash, regardless of responsible, you must seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney. For more information or to discuss your situation, contact Heavens Law at 484-467-8254. All phone consultations are free and confidential, with no obligation beyond that.