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Tractor-Trailer Crash in Pennsylvania Leaves One Dead

A man from Columbus, Ohio was killed recently in a vehicle accident involving a tractor-trailer. The incident occurred on the Pennsylvania Turnpike around mile marker 91. One other person was injured.

According to law enforcement, the deceased, Amadou Alassane (48), was a passenger in the tractor-trailer. He was pronounced dead by the Westmoreland County Coroner’s office at the scene.

The driver of the truck, 30-year-old Assata Hamedine Mbodj, had minor injuries and was taken to the AHN Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville.

The tractor-trailer was the only vehicle involved in the accident.

Police say the Mbodju was headed eastbound when he drove off the south side of the toll road. The tractor-trailer overturned and came to a stop on the shoulder of the eastbound lanes face westward. All eastbound lanes between Breezewood and New Stanton were closed during the cleanup.

The cause of the crash is currently under investigation.

Tractor-trailers Pose a Significant Risk on the Nation’s Roadways

Tractor-trailers have a much higher risk of rollover or overturning. It’s because they have higher centers of gravity than other vehicles. They are susceptible to being flipped by high winds or tipping on ramps or during sharp turns. Often, these events include other vehicles and put other drivers on the roadways at risk, although this was not the case in the above incident.

According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety claims that more than 50 percent of deaths on roadways involving large trucks include rollovers. This is more than double the amount of fatal rollover incidents involving cars.

Add to the higher risk of rollovers the fact that tractor-trailers often carry highly flammable or toxic substances and you have a recipe for extreme danger and tragedy. The likelihood of an explosion is high when vehicles are traveling at high speeds and flip.

What Should You Do If You are Involved in a Tractor-trailer Rollover Crash?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a rollover crash involving a tractor-trailer, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney. Whether you were in the tractor-trailer or one of these larger vehicles collided with yours, an attorney can investigate the factors affecting the incident and help you determine if compensation is available.

For more information or to discuss the details of your case, contact Heavens Law at 484-467-8254. All phone consultations are free and confidential, with no obligation beyond that.