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Testosterone Lawsuit

Depending on whom you talk to, synthetic testosterone is either a miracle or the ultimate medical sin. On the one hand, it can virtually turn back the hands of time, make you stronger and increase virility. To many, though, it will never be anything more than a steroid. However, with a prescription, synthetic testosterone is perfectly legal and can even be safe. The problem is that, like any drug, when it’s defective, it can cause serious problems instead.

Risks Associated with Testosterone Use

Obviously, there are a number of risks associated with testosterone that would better be categorized as side effects. If taking testosterone shrinks your testes temporarily, causes you some hair loss or growth or leads to gynecomastia, these are things you most likely can’t sue over. Again, your doctor should have warned you about these possibilities and these are usually listed as side effects.

Testosterone and Heart Problems

However, there are a number of complications that you could experience from taking testosterone and would want to speak to a lawyer about. Certain heart problems are one of these things.

Using synthetic testosterone can endanger your heart a number of ways. Some make clear on their label that they can spike your blood pressure. However, there are pending class action lawsuits against the makers of drugs like AndroGel because many have wound up suffering a stroke, heart attack or other cardiac problems resulting in death.

These lawsuits extend across various forms of synthetic testosterone. Most people are only familiar with the injections. However, there are also pills, patches, gels and gums people can take.

The FDA Launches an Investigation

The problem has become so serious that the FDA announced on January 31, 2014 that they were launching an investigation into the risks posed by certain testosterone manufactures.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a number of different manufacturers. However, if you have taken any of the following, it’s worth speaking to your doctor ASAP:

  • Androderm
  • AndroGel
  • Android 25
  • Axiron
  • Android 10
  • Bio-T-Gel
  • Delatestryl
  • Fortesta
  • Methyltestosterone
  • Testopel
  • Depo-Testosterone
  • Testim
  • Testosterone
  • Cypionate
  • Testred
  • Striant
  • Enanthate

Lawsuits over Marketing

The manufacturers listed above and many others have spent millions of dollars marketing testosterone to the public. One reason to sue any of these companies would be if you could prove that their marketing was dishonest. This is a common approach in defective product lawsuits. Even if the product works as it was intended, if it was marketed as doing something different or having some other result, the manufacturer can be held responsible for any damages you’re entitled to.

Lawsuits over Doctor Recommendations

Another reason you may have a lawsuit on your hands actually has nothing to do with the manufacturer of the synthetic testosterone you took. Instead, it could be that your doctor recommended you take the drug despite the risks it would pose.

For example, say you suffered a spinal cord injury. Testosterone is often used to treat loss of strength, lethargy and sexual disinterest. However, if you already have high blood pressure, taking testosterone could put your life at risk unnecessarily.

This is just one example of when a doctor might be guilty of medical malpractice for prescribing you testosterone.

Proceeding with a Lawsuit

As we mentioned earlier, there have already been several lawsuits related to synthetic testosterone. Many of them have been class action lawsuits as well. If you think that defective testosterone has affected you negatively, speak to your doctor if you’re still taking it, but then seek out an experienced attorney ASAP. You want someone who has been in court with pharmaceutical companies before and knows what it takes to be successful.