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SUV Tractor Trailer Accident Results in One Death

Another tractor trailer accident has claimed a life.

A driver of an SUV was killed recently on Interstate 78 in Upper Macungie Township when his SUV collided with and became wedged under a disabled tractor trailer on the shoulder of the highway.

According to Pennsylvania State Police, the accident occurred mid-day less than two miles west of exit 48.2 near Route 100 South. They are asking anyone who witnessed the event to contact the Pennsylvania State Police in Fogelsville at 610.395.1438.

The deceased, a 68 year old man, was driving a black Ford Flex. He crashed into the back of the tractor trailer and was then pinned underneath. A passenger in the front seat of the Ford Flex had to be freed by fire crews using a machine and was then taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedars Crest in Salisbury Township.

The driver was pronounced dead at the scene by the Lehigh County Deputy Coroner.

The crash shut down the eastbound lanes of I-78 between exits 45 and 48.

Tractor Trailer Trucks and Deadly Accidents

Nearly 4000 people died in accidents involving semi and tractor trailer trucks in 2016. About 98 percent of all semi accidents result in at least one fatality, due in part to the size and weight of these vehicles. They are the cause of some of the most devastating crashes that take place on the nation’s roadways.

As demonstrated in the recent accident on I-78, these trucks don’t even need to be in motion to pose a hazard. Truck drivers often pull over onto the shoulder of the road to take breaks, or as in this case, when their vehicles break down. And because of their size and the sometimes otherwise hazardous driving conditions, they can be involved in collisions even when they aren’t moving.

What Should You Do If You’re Involved in a Tractor Trailer Accident?

If you or a loved one is injured, or worse, in a tractor trailer accident, you might have a right to take legal action. This is true whether you are the driver of a vehicle or a passenger in a vehicle that collides with a tractor trailer.

We’ve helped many people recover damages and restore their lives following involvement in serious semi- and tractor trailer truck accidents. To learn more or to speak to someone about a crash involving you or a loved one, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377.