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Risperdal Lawsuit

Although help from a good psychologist is usually important, those suffering from serious conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia require strong medicine as well. One such drug is Risperdal, also known as Risperidone. The medication has been used to help quell symptoms of irritability often associated with autism as well. Unfortunately, the drug may also have some very serious side effects associated with it. If you or a loved one is currently taking Risperdal, it’s worth learning about what they are and speaking to your doctor about them. Those who believe they may already be suffering from any such negative side effects should talk to a lawyer about taking Janseen Pharmaceutical to court, just as so many have before you.

Using Risperdal and Typical Side Effects

Just like any drug, especially one this powerful, Risperdal definitely has some potential side effects, but that doesn’t mean you can sue the manufacturer over them. Risperdal can cause weight gain, for example. If you take it with Lithium, it may also cause tremors. Again, these things are to be expected, as is sensitivity to temperature, mood alterations and other issues the company advertises.

As the only approved treatment for the maintenance of bipolar disorder, the drug has become exceedingly popular. As monotherapy, it only needs to be taken once every two weeks via injection.

Serious Risks Associated with Risperdal

The problem with Risperdal is that it may cause some very serious problems the company does not make clear and, frankly, never would because then no one would be taking the drug.

Many firms have come forward representing young men who may have developed breast tissue because of taking this antipsychotic drug. It’s believed that Risperdal may cause an increase in the production of prolactin in boys. This hormone is responsible for stimulating breast development in females.

In males, the phenomenon of growing breasts has a scientific name, gynecomastia. For many boys, this growth can result in pain in the area or even discharge from their nipples.

These assertions are not without merit. A study that was published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology back in 2006 declared that Risperdal can strongly influence increased prolactin levels to the point of causing gynecomastia. One of the conclusions drawn in this study was that Risperdal shouldn’t be prescribed to young children or adolescents without serious consideration. Aside from the risk of gynecomastia, the paper pointed out that the drug’s long-term effects are still not known.

Suing Johnson & Johnson

Janssen Pharmaceutical is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. At least 130 people have sued the corporation based on claims of gynecomastia, though there have been plenty of other suits regarding Risperdal.

In one such example, a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson was brought forth on behalf of a teenage boy. According to the young man, he took Risperdal beginning when he was nine until the age of 14. It was then that the boy began developing male breasts. This came with significant psychological trauma and he required surgery in order to remove the tissue that had gown.

Trial began in September of 2012, but Johnson & Johnson’s attorneys arrived ready to settle. The amount they agreed on is confidential.

Aside from holding the manufacturer responsible, it’s important that these lawsuits secure the damages necessary for moving on with a normal life. Doctors usually recommend surgery to combat gynecomastia, though liposuction often works too. Obviously, psychological trauma usually requires professional attention that comes with its own set of bills.

Don’t suffer in silence of Risperdal has left you living with gynecomastia or has done this to a loved one. Instead, seek the assistance of an experienced attorney who can get you the justice—and damages—you deserve.