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Your Right to Sue Could Be a Thing of the Past

If the current presidential administration gets its way, you’re right to sue could be a thing of the past.

Recent actions have shown the administration is willing to overturn Obama-era regulations put in place to protect nursing home residents, and now a similar situation in the banking industry is developing that could affect millions of Americans.

Congressional Republicans have begun attacking a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule that permits customers from filing lawsuits against banks when they’re actions are abusive. Without the rule banks would be able to profit from their practices and products even if they are abusive. The only recourse customers would have to deal with the abuse would be to participate in arbitration – a process that is designed to be against them from the very beginning.

Arbitration Clauses Also Used in Employment Contracts

Our firm has encountered arbitration clauses such as these in a variety of employment law cases. Many national corporations have incorporated the clauses into their employment applications – which means applicants are forced to sacrifice their right to file a lawsuit from the moment they begin working with a company, no matter what happens in the future. These clauses prevent employees from taking their employer to court, even if the employer breaks a law.

In one example, Darden Restaurants, the parent company for Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, and other brands, has prevented female employees from filing lawsuits regarding sexual harassment. Our firm has been approached by employees working for Darden, but we were forced to turn down these cases because of the arbitration clauses.

The people who have contacted us regarding their treatment at work have been exposed to horrible working conditions, and they’re forced to deal with these issues because they need to earn a living in order to survive. Worst of all, their right to file a lawsuit has been stripped away, despite their employer breaking a law.

Working Class Often Supports Politicians Working Against Them

There’s no denying that forced arbitration is used to protect powerful companies and hurt the people who are most vulnerable. In this case it is employees, but these clauses are also harmful to consumers and other people who have little power to defend their rights aside from the American judicial system.

When it comes to employment arbitration clauses, it’s the working poor who are hurt the most. And sadly, these are the people supporting the very politicians who support forced arbitration.

More people need to understand how the political system is working against them and how to fight back when their rights are violated. If you have concerns about signing an employment agreement that includes an arbitration agreement or you’d like to know more about what you can do to stop your rights from being taken away, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377.