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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys PA

If you have a workers’ compensation claim, one reason you may want an attorney in Pennsylvania on your side is simply because of how confusing the forms can often be. Fill out anything incorrectly and you can be sure that your claim will be denied. There are a number of other reasons you may get your claim denied as well. These are two good reasons you should make sure you speak to an attorney before filing and get their help if you need to appeal a denial.

Speak to an Attorney before Filing

Just because you got hurt at work doesn’t actually mean a workers’ compensation claim will go through. Generally, you have to be hurt to the point that you need surgery, won’t return to prior health or use of your body, are now considered handicap, or have to take an extended amount of time off from work.

Like we touched one above, many have found it to be a huge help to have workers’ compensation attorneys in Pennsylvania simply help them with their forms.

It’s important to appreciate that your claim could be scrutinized or even denied for a number of common reasons too.

You Have No Witnesses

For example, you may have gotten hurt while no one was around. There’s nothing you can do about this, of course. However, in the future, just know that it’s always a good idea to report the injury to your direct supervisor as soon as possible. If they’re not around, make sure others know about it.

In any case, an insurance company will be very suspicious of your lack of witnesses. They might believe that you got hurt off the clock and are simply looking for an easy payoff.

You Didn’t Report It Immediately

Another factor that could come up during your filing is that you didn’t immediately report your injury. We just covered one of the reasons this would be a problem: insurers will assume you’re covering up for an injury received elsewhere.

Again, there’s nothing you can do about waiting to report your injury. Perhaps you didn’t realize the severity of it until a day or two after it occurred.

Unfortunately, sometimes workers get laid off or fired between the time they got injured and when they file their claim. When that happens, another problem emerges: insurers think you’re just an employee out to get revenge. You might look like someone with little to lose, who just wants one more payday from a former employer.

Your Reports Don’t Line Up

Generally, there will be two reports that go along with your workers’ compensation filing. One will be the report that is included with your claim. It’s your description of what led up to the accident and the fallout from it.

The other comes from the medical professional(s) you saw about your injury. Obviously, the insurer wants a professional to conclude that you were indeed hurt while on the job.

If the insurance agent reviewing your claim sees discrepancies between the two reports, your filing could be in trouble.

This could have happened for several reasons though. If you were still in pain when you filled out your claim, you can hardly be expected to report the injury with the same type of clarity that a doctor would.

How an Attorney Can Help

While these issues may stand between you and your workers’ compensation claim, attorneys in Pennsylvania can help you get it right the first time or at least prepare an appeal. Just be sure to speak to one ASAP, as you only have a certain amount of time to file your claim. With an attorney’s expertise, though, you have the best chance of getting what you deserve.

Don’t leave something as important as workers’ compensation up to chance. Instead, follow the above advice and have an attorney on your side.