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West Virginia Fires

Fire is a force of nature, and when it strikes in West Virginia, the results are often disastrous. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether you’re merely a homeowner or you’re one of West Virginia’s many small business owners, fire presents a constant risk to your property and the people that you care about. Often, the toll is never as simple as the mere loss of or damage to property. In fact, fire victims often find themselves with significant medical bills as they receive treatment for and recover from injuries suffered in the fire. Their suffering doesn’t always end there, though. That’s because insurance companies also take whatever means necessary to deny West Virginia fire victims the fullest amount of compensation that’s due to them.

The Potential Toll of a West Virginia Fire

Because a fire can start virtually anywhere, it would be impossible to list all of the different kinds of fires that take place in West Virginia. However, there are some kinds of fires that are more common than others, including:

  • Mine Fires and Explosions
  • House Fires
  • Car Fires
  • Industrial Workplace Fires
  • Business Fires

While a fire can take a variety of different forms, there is one thing that each kind shares in common. They all exact a huge toll. First and foremost, a fire by its very nature is going to result in the damage to and loss of property. Sadly, however, the toll that a fire takes is rarely confined to just this. That’s because serious bodily injuries often occur when a fire takes place. Burns are the most common, and the medical expenses incurred in the treatment of burns are almost always extreme. Further, West Virginia fire victims may suffer all manner of injuries in their attempts to flee a fire, and they can in some cases fall victim to smoke inhalation and oxygen deprivation, which can give rise to further complex health issues.

Chris Heavens’ Experience with West Virginia Fires

When it comes to fires in West Virginia, there’s no other litigator more experienced than Chris Heavens. Unlike many other fire lawyers in the state, Chris knows the insurance companies inside and out, due to the fact that he used to represent their interests in the state. He knows firsthand the various tactics that these insurance companies will employ when they’re trying to pay out the smallest amount possible in order to preserve their bottom lines. Because of this, he’s fully capable of fighting for West Virginia fire victims’ rights, helping them to get the compensation that they deserve.

What To Do in the Aftermath of a Fire

When a fire takes place in your West Virginia home or workplace, there are three important things you need to do. First, you need to ensure that your loved ones or colleagues are tended to, and that treatment is received for any injuries that are suffered. Second, you need to work to preserve any evidence related to the fire. Don’t leave this in the hands of your insurance company, as insurance companies are wont to obfuscate evidence that will cost them money. Finally, you need to reach out to Chris Heavens, the most qualified fire attorney in West Virginia. He’ll work to conduct a thorough examination of your case, pursuing every party that could be held accountable.

Chris Heavens Is the West Virginia Fire Lawyer You Need

The aftermath of a fire can be devastating for a victim, which is why it’s important to retain the very best legal counsel. Chris Heavens has a proven track record of representing West Virginia fire victims and helping them to achieve the fullest possible compensation in their cases. Get in touch with Heavens Law today if you want to ensure that your rights following a fire are fully protected.