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Wrongful Termination Law

Losing your job is bad enough, but losing your job in a way that is illegal is even worse. Not only are you without income and upset, but you also have to struggle with whether or not to pursue a case in the courts. While you may need to focus all of your attention on finding gainful employment in the days and weeks after being wrongfully terminated, you must consider if you have any legal options.

The one way to do this is to consult with a qualified attorney. And before you worry that you cannot spend any money on one, you should know that there are deeply experienced attorneys familiar with Pennsylvania wrongful termination law who work for free until you win the case.

What can they do to help you? First, they can listen to the whole story in order to determine whether or not you have a case at all. Though you may feel quite indignant at the way you were treated by an employer, the first think to know is that “fair” is not a word that always applies to Pennsylvania wrongful termination law cases. This is because employment in the state is seen as “at will”, and this means that an employer does have the right to fire you at any time, and for no reason at all.

Now, firing you for no reason is not the same as firing you for the wrong reasons, and this is where an attorney can step in and help you understand whether or not you have a legal matter on your hands.

What You Have to Consider

Wrongful termination cases can be federal, state, or even local legal matters. Your attorney is going to know right away if you have been wrongfully terminated and which group is going to receive your complaint. There are many ways that wrongful termination plays out, but you must get in touch with the appropriate group if you hope to achieve your desired outcome (usually compensation and damages).

How can you be wrongfully terminated? The following ways are among the most common, and will apply to you if your employer:

  • Violated a contract of employment.
  • Ended your employment for your refusal to perform some sort of illegal act on the job.
  • Violated federal anti-discrimination laws by terminating you based on race, color, national origin, sex, religion, disability, pregnancy, and age.
  • Violated Pennsylvania wrongful termination law and state employment laws by demonstrating the same discriminatory attitudes listed above.
  • Violated their own disciplinary policies (i.e. terminated your employment without written warnings when this is printed in the company’s policies).
  • Retaliated against you for exercising a right (i.e. you were terminated when it was discovered that you alerted OSHA about unsafe work conditions).
  • Ended your employment when you took vacation time that was yours to take (including time for military service).

It is surprising to learn that simply firing you for no reason may not be enough to bring a legal case against them. However, if the company’s policies state that you are to receive two written warnings before being fired, then you may have a case.

You can easily see that this can become a technical and complex matter, and that the help of a skilled attorney familiar with Pennsylvania wrongful termination law is imperative to your success. At Heavens Law you can consult for free with an experienced attorney who knows all about wrongful termination cases and how to build the best cases around them. Don’t leave anything to chance with such an important issue as your income or your career, and instead work with an attorney to seek the best outcome.


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