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Pennsylvania Truck Accident Attorneys

Truck accidents in Pennsylvania are far different than the kinds that involve your typical vehicle. Obviously, the bigger the vehicle, the worse the damage is going to be. Considering commercial trucks in Pennsylvania can weigh over 10,000 pounds and the type of power a tractor engine can create, this isn’t too surprising. However, there are a number of other reasons you should always have a lawyer in your corner after a Pennsylvania truck accident, especially one who has experience in this field.

Truck Companies Always Have Lawyers

You always have to remember that the driver behind the wheel of a commercial truck is never going to be alone in a legal battle. Even if they are 100% responsible for the accident, they have a company that is invested in making sure they don’t get brought into things. This means having an attorney at the ready. Most will have an entire law firm on retainer and you can bet this won’t be their first Pennsylvania truck accident case.

This isn’t the only party involved though. A trucker may decide to seek their own representation, of course. However, if they’re part of a union, one will most likely be provided for them to specifically look out for their best interest.

There’s also the truck manufacturer. Many times, something about the truck may be blamed for the accident. In such a scenario, that’s one more legal team that will be involved in your case.

All these lawyers don’t necessarily mean you’ll lose the case. However, what often happens is that a party that is clearly the victim gets convinced to accept a settlement that’s well below what they deserve. Just by having an experienced lawyer on your side, the other firms will know this kind of solution probably isn’t worth pursuing.

You Most Likely Need the Damages

Any time someone else hurts you and you’re entitled to damages, it makes sense to seek justice and be compensated. Given the severity of an 18 wheeler accident though, it can be all the more important that you get damages. You or a loved one could be seriously injured, perhaps even handicapped for life. As we just covered above, without a qualified attorney, the damages you end up with may be a lot less than what you should have received.

Why You Have to Call an Attorney ASAP

In the wake of a Pennsylvania truck accident you will probably need medical attention. That should be your first priority. However, the second you can dial a phone, call a qualified attorney. They can’t seek you out, no matter how much publicity your accident received.

The sooner an attorney can take your case, the better. While there is a statute of limitations involved, that’s hardly the issue here. Instead, a truck accident lawyer is going to be far more interested in gathering as much evidence as possible.

Chances are the accident will begin getting cleaned up as soon as people are clear of it. What your attorney will want, though, is to speak with as many witnesses as they can. Days after the wreck occurred, key witnesses may have already forgotten important pieces of the puzzle. If an attorney can’t get to them quickly enough, they might not be able to help you win your case.

There are countless other reasons you should always hire an attorney who has experience with truck accidents in Pennsylvania. The nature of these cases is very unique and a number of other factors need to be considered. However, aside from simply having legal representation, it’s vital that you find an attorney as soon as you can, so they can represent you as best as possible.