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Hunting Accidents

The facts and figures associated with Pennsylvania hunting accidents are very disturbing. In a special report on the Philly.com website, it noted that of the 800k deer hunters to head out on opening day of the season, up to 12 of them would accidentally shoot someone else before the day was through. However, the statistics also showed that the shooters were usually young and inexperienced people under the age of 20. (Philly.com, 1999)

Does this mean that the only way someone can be harmed in Pennsylvania hunting accidents is to be shot by a novice hunter? No, there are many ways that accidents occur and just as many laws that dictate how such instances are handled in the courts.

For instance, a gun may accidentally discharge and injure or kill someone, and that is an entirely different matter from the hunter who is hurt by falling into an unmarked shaft or getting injured in hidden wires on a piece of property opened for hunting. In one case it could have been a manufacturer’s flaw or negligence that led to an incident, and in another it could have been a failure on the part of a property owner to ensure that the land was safe.

This is one of the main reasons that anyone involved in Pennsylvania hunting accidents will need to get in touch with an experienced attorney immediately. The laws are too complex, and because the burden of proof is usually on the plaintiffs (the one bringing the cases) it takes a skilled hand to really build the strongest case possible.

Understanding the Many Ways the Law View Such Issues

An experienced lawyer is really an ideal resource any time there are Pennsylvania hunting accidents because they will know to act quickly and the best leads to pursue. After all, in many instances, someone who has behaved negligently may do all that they can to cover up the facts (or their insurance provider may seek to interfere and reduce liabilities), and a qualified attorney is going to know how to pursue the information and evidence needed, and to do so quickly after the accident has occurred.

They will know too that a lot of people are focused on the medical care and recovery of an injured party, or they are grieving the loss of a loved one, and may not be able to be as aggressive and proactive as they need to be. They need someone to take action for them in order to obtain the compensation that is rightfully theirs. There can be tremendous medical expenses and even ongoing therapy and care required, and no one innocent of wrongdoing should be forced to foot the bill on their own.

Remember too that a lot of hunting accidents make it difficult to know just who is liable, and it is only the trained legal mind that understands which directions to head in order to obtain compensation for damages. Of course, the case always depends upon the ways that the state laws apply to it. For example, wrongful death cases are entirely different from simple accident cases in which someone was injured but not killed. Few people understand the distinctions in the laws, and this can leave them open to manipulation or further financial loss.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into the trap of settling with an insurance company outside of the courts or allowing too much time to pass before you seek compensation. Instead, give Heavens Law a call today. They will consult with you over the phone, and for free, in order to understand your case. They can then work with you to pursue your rightful claims and seek compensation for any hunting accidents, injuries and losses they might cause.


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