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CRPS Attorneys

If you’re suffering from CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), everyday tasks that the rest of the world takes for granted can be near-impossible challenges to conquer. Making matters worse, some people are afflicted with CRPS because of someone else’s actions. Whether you or a loved one has found themselves in such a scenario, you should speak with a CRPS attorney to ensure you receive the damages you deserve.

What Is CRPS?

CRPS is also commonly referred to as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). Both of these terms are used for a chronic condition that often involves disabling amounts of pain. Usually, the pain is felt throughout the body, though the limbs are generally the most affected.

The science we have regarding CRPS points to these symptoms coming from the peripheral and central nervous systems. It might be from a malfunction within them or damage done to it.

Aside from the prolonged and/or excessive pain that comes with CRPS, those suffering from it may also notice a change in temperature or swelling in the areas affected by it. Temperature change may also be felt in limps with CRPS.

Although CRPS is most common in women, it can affect both sexes. Those with this chronic systematic disease are usually around 40 years old, but it can affect people at almost any age (it’s rare in the elderly though). While teenagers often get diagnosed with CRPS, it’s impossible before five and extremely rare before 10.

Worldwide, millions of people suffer from CRPS, even though most people have never heard of it. Although we may not understand the science behind it, treatments are available. If you think you have the disease, contact a medical professional immediately. The earlier you can treat it, the more effective the treatment will be.

CRPS Lawsuits

As we mentioned above, CRPS can be caused by a dysfunction within the body. However, it can also occur because of an accident that injured the peripheral and central nervous systems. If the injury occurs because of someone else’s negligence, you must speak with an attorney ASAP. You could have a personal injury lawsuit on your hands. The resulting damages you could possibly collect would be extremely helpful in dealing with this debilitating disease.

Accidents That Cause CRPS

Although the disease is obvious, the injury that caused it may not be. Many injuries that affect a limb or some other external part of your body can result in CRPS, even if it didn’t immediately seem like a possibility.

However, the most common accidents that lead to CRPS are fairly evident. If you think you may have this disease, consider if you have recently suffered or undergone any of the following:

  • Car accidents
  • Medical malpractice
  • Amputation
  • Heart attack
  • Trauma
  • Bone fracture

Obviously, any of these would cause a good deal of pain. If you feel a disproportionate amount, though, it might be a sign you’ve developed CRPS. What’s happening is that your body originally sent the pain signal as it’s supposed to, but simply never stopped. This forces your immune system to continue working on the injury, despite the fact that it’s already been seen to and no longer a problem.

The moment you think you may have CRPS, speak with a doctor. However, if you believe the disease was brought on by a workplace injury, a car accident or the actions of someone else in any way, CRPS attorneys can be essential to your recovery. Workers’ compensation and/or a personal injury claim will not only ensure that the responsible parties are held responsible, they’ll also get you compensation that can be spent on treatment.