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West Virginia Hunting Accidents

The statistics around hunting accidents are shocking, and prove that far too many people are injured and killed accidentally during various hunting seasons every year. There are usually two primary ways that such accidents occur:

  • Accidental gun discharges
  • One person accidentally shooting another

However, in some areas there may be many other ways that hunting accidents occur. Consider West Virginia hunting accidents. These can involve the two types of incidents described above, but there are also cases of tree stand accidents in which hunters fall and are injured or accidents on coal company land in which unmarked wire fences or abandoned shafts leading to injuries and even fatalities.

Naturally, this means that there are so many ways that West Virginia hunting accidents might occur that it requires a legal expert to navigate through the court system. Whether you are the person injured in an accident or their family seeking damages, you must make your very first step a visit to a qualified and experienced attorney’s office. They should offer you a no-cost consultation in order to get some of the basic details about the case and to start discussing your options.

What the Law Considers

Though all states have different laws around guns, hunting, and other issues that could relate directly to West Virginia hunting accidents, for the most part it tends to be all about liability. In other words: who is to blame?

Was the manufacturer of a weapon to blame for a misfire? Was the person handling the weapon at fault for firing before taking a clear shot? Was it the maker of the tree stand or other hunting gear? Was the hunting accident due to something that happened on coal company property or other private land? Was it because hazards were left unmarked?

A good attorney is going to help you get to the bottom of the matter and identify whom to pursue for your legal compensation. For example, is it a case of wrongful death? Does it have to do with a product malfunction? Is it something that was brought about by negligence? Each of these questions comes with another, and even longer list of questions to answer, and it is really the work of your attorney to begin tackling such work.

Keep in mind that hunting accidents can be minor to severe and that the damages you seek can be relatively small, such as basic medical expenses, or they can be substantial. For example, if the hunting accident resulted in death you may be able to seek funeral costs, medical expenses, punitive damages, and payments for loss of support or even loss of affection that was caused by the incident.

Though many people involved in the world of hunting are taking steps to reduce hunting accidents, they still happen. For instance, in West Virginia there is a lot of effort on hunter education classes to ensure optimal safety and these alone have caused the number of accidents and fatalities to decline sharply. However, there are still going to be things that even good training cannot prevent, and whether it is buck fever or unsafe property, a hunting accident can occur at any time.

If you find yourself the victim or the surviving family members of such an incident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heavens Law. They are experienced with West Virginia hunting accidents and will be able to review your case. They will understand if you have options or a realistic way of pursuing a claim against the person(s) responsible for the incident. Their years of successful work on behalf of accident victims make them an ideal resource for those involved in hunting incidents of any kind.


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