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West Virginia Gun Accidents

When you hear the phrase gun accidents, what is it you envision? Most of us think of accidentally shooting someone else or even ourselves as the typical gun accident, and while that is a good definition of the term, they occur in other ways, too.

For instance, West Virginia gun accidents can happen if someone is careless when handling a gun, or when they don’t engage the safety on the weapon. An accident can also happen when someone is moving in an unusual way while carrying a gun (running, climbing, or even hiking), and gun accidents are fairly common when someone is hunting because they may not have a good sighting of the target or they are shooting out of range. Finally, West Virginia gun accidents can happen when a gun is defective.

So, what this tells us is that gun accidents happen in many different ways, and yet they do share one thing in common – someone is always at fault or liable for the accident. While accidents are indeed accidents, for the most part they are also often avoidable. And when you, or a loved one, have been injured in such an accident, you can pursue those who are at fault.

Burden of Proof

However, just as with the laws in so many other places, West Virginia gun accidents put the burden of proof on the person who is injured (or their surviving dependents if they are bringing a lawsuit after a death has occurred). If the gun discharged and caused injury or loss of life, and it was because the safety was not engaged, the person carrying that weapon is now considered liable.

Naturally, a lot of people injured in gun accidents feel that they cannot pursue a matter of this kind because the person who is liable is a member of their family, a good friend, or a colleague. However, that is not a realistic view. After all, most people who find themselves being questioned by the authorities after a gun accident will hire lawyers of their own, and will find their insurance companies also seeking to protect them from extensive liability.

When lawyers and insurance firms get to work, it can become extremely difficult for you to continue to build a case and make your claim. Rather than waiting to hear what the person who caused the gun accident has to say, the smartest thing to do is to speak with an experienced attorney about the matter.

Even if you are recovering in a hospital bed, you will want to pick up the phone and get in touch with a lawyer immediately. This will prevent you from losing out on your ability to claim damages and recover the costs for medical expenses, ongoing healthcare, and more.

Advocacy is the Key

Whether you were injured in the gun accident or you lost a loved one during such an incident, you must know that you need an advocate. Someone who understands all of the laws of the state, as well as the many details of your case, is going to be able to help you obtain the most compensation possible.

At Heavens Law, you can speak with an attorney who is completely versed in the different laws relating to gun accidents in West Virginia. They will listen to your side of the story and help you to figure out just who is liable and who to pursue for compensation. The sooner that you take action, the better the outcome. No one wants to struggle to pay medical bills or to suffer financial strain because a loved one was killed in a gun accident, and a knowledgeable attorney can prevent this from happening. The key is to get in touch as soon as you can after the accident occurred.


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