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Newark Man Electrocuted During Power Tower Painting Project

A Newark man was killed recently while working on a power line tower in Mahoning Township. Carlos Hernandez, 27, from Newark New Jersey, was a victim of accidental electrocution when he encountered a high-voltage line on a transmission tower.

The event occurred around 11 am EST on Mohawk School Road.

Hernandez, an employee of Morris Painting, became entangled and was found unconscious and hanging from his harness, approximately 75 feet high, at the scene. According to the police report, rescuers called to the scene had to wait until Penn Power shut off the power before the rescue effort could begin. The Penn Power recovery and rescue team climbed the tower and lowered Hernandez down. Paramedics were at the scene, but Hernandez had died by the time they reached him.

Morris Painting was contracted by Penn Power to pain the tower.

Third Party Liability and Personal Injuries and Wrongful Death Cases

Every day, workers across the country are injured while on-the-job. Sadly, many of these cases are fatal.

There are many instances in which third-parties can be held legally liable for someone’s injuries or death. Workers often have third-party claims against those that caused or contributed to an incident that led to injury or death.

This is true even if you are collecting workers’ compensation for your injuries.

When injuries are caused by third-party factors, there is said to be third-party liability. In these situations, someone receives the benefits of workers’ compensation. Additionally, third-party liability creates an opportunity to file a lawsuit for physical pain, mental anguish, and other losses that are not recovered through workers’ compensation.

Many people use equipment manufactured by third-parties. Or, as is the case with Mr. Hernandez, they are contracted by third-parties to complete projects. Third-party liability also arises in situations when someone is injured on their own time.

Some of the most common injuries where third-party liability could be an issue include:

  • Construction Site Accidents
  • Accidents Involving Animals and Private Property
  • Auto Collisions

Contact Heavens Law to Discuss the Possibility of Third-Party Liability in Your Case

Heavens Law has recovered millions of dollars for workers and their families in third party litigation.

If you or a loved one was injured or died as a result of third-party negligence, we can help. To schedule a consultation or to speak to someone about your situation, contact Heavens Law at 484-467-8254. All phone consultations are free and confidential, with no obligation beyond that.