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Navy SEAL and Border Patrol Drop Lawsuits against One Another

Both the Navy SEAL and Border Patrol have decided to walk away from a lawsuit them against each other after a scuffle at Imperial Beach. The case was settled after the judge issued a mixed ruling, with each agreeing to pay nothing.

The incident occurred in 2014 during a family visit to the beach. Alton Jones was jogging on a restricted path that featured warning signs about trespassing. The signs faced in only one direction, which was not the direction Jones was headed in, so he claims to have not seen them.

According to Border Patrol agents, Jones “ignored them” when they told him to turn around because the area was restricted. They said he ran around their vehicles, which triggered a chase. Ultimately one agent and Jones made physical contact and the scuffle led to both men being on the ground.

The agent broke his ankle and Jones suffered minor injuries.

Judge Rules Injury Claims Should Be Heard by Jury

The judge said that Border Patrol was in the right in arresting Jones because he refused to heed their warnings and leave federal property.

The agent with the broken ankle filed a lawsuit against Jones and won that suit. The judge also dismissed the individual agents named in Jones’ lawsuit, which meant only Border Patrol was a defendant.

Despite siding against Jones for the most part, the judge stated a jury should determine whether Jones’ claims of being hit during the arrest and left in a hot patrol car for 20 minutes were legitimate. Jones also claims he told the agents he was in pain while he was in custody and the agents ignored him.

The judge explained that a jury could determine that these events exacerbated Jones’ pre-existing PTSD.

Ultimately, both sides decided to drop the remaining issues and walk away from the case without paying any money to the other.

Were You Injured by Representatives of a Government Agency?

Though Jones’ claims were relatively mild and he was able to walk away from the incident without any major problems, there are instances in which government officials and other authorities cause private citizens injuries.

Any time an area is restricted it must be clearly marked. If you were accosted while on public or private property but you do not feel you were properly warned of any wrongdoing, you could be able to take legal action.

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