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Miner Identified as Survivor of Sago Mine Tragedy

A coal miner who recently died in an incident in a West Virginia mine had previously survived the Sago Mine disaster that occurred in 2006.

Owen Mark Jones, a fire boss at the Pleasant Hill Mine located near Mill Creek, was killed while on the job, according to The Charlestown Gazette-Mail. The mine is approximately 90 miles east of Charleston.

Jones lost his brother Jesse in the Sago Mine explosion that occurred in the area more than 10 years ago. Owen had worked with his brother at that mine for 17 years and was heading a second crew behind the group of miners that included his brother. They were approximately 10 minutes behind the group that was killed in the explosion.

Miners Face Fatal Risks on a Regular Basis

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lists mining as the third most dangerous job based on fatality rates. Every day they are on the job, mine workers put their lives at risk. And not only are they more likely to suffer injuries, it’s highly likely these injuries will be severe or fatal.

The BLS reports coal mining injuries result in twice the number of days missed from work because of on-the-job injuries than other private sector jobs. Coal mining is a dangerous industry and even with safety precautions in place, miners put their lives at risk all the time.

 Have You Suffered Injuries in a Coal Mining Accident?

Despite the risk, many people throughout West Virginia work in the mining industry. Many of them are injured, changing their lives forever. These people deserve to be treated with respect and given the compensation they’ve earned from working hard all their lives.

Unfortunately, many people injured in coal mining incidents are forced to deal with red tape and frustration. They are left on their own when it comes to dealing with their lives after suffering on-the-job injuries. If you have been injured in a coal mining accident or you have lost a loved one who worked in a coal mine, we want to help.

The time following a coal mining incident that left you or a loved one injured can feel overwhelming, frustrating, and confusing. Our goal at Heavens Law is to use our many years of experience fighting for the rights of coal miners and their families to help you.

We understand the industry, and we’ve worked with mining companies. If you would like to learn more, or you need to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your case, contact 888.897.5377.