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Hospital Malpractice

The inside of a hospital is a place we all hope to never have to see. However, when it becomes necessary to seek treatment in a hospital, we put our faith in the medical professionals that work there to provide us with the best possible care. The fact is that the overwhelming majority of medical professionals care deeply about their patients, and they do whatever possible to ensure that the patients they see get the treatment that they need. However, sometimes mistakes and errors happen, and sometimes these mistakes rise to the level of malpractice. When this is the case, it’s important for a patient to know that they can seek compensation and damages by hiring an experienced and qualified hospital malpractice attorney.

What Is Malpractice?

As mentioned earlier, not every mistake that a medical professional in a hospital might make is considered malpractice. These professionals are humans, and like humans they can and will make mistakes. However, not all mistakes are created equally, especially when considering malpractice. For an error made by a medical professional to be considered malpractice, that error must be caused by negligence or by a failure of that professional to offer care to the high standard that is held by the medical community of which he or she is a part.

Types of Hospital Malpractice

A wide variety of different forms of care are administered in a hospital, and therefore the types of hospital malpractice are just as varied. That being said, in Heavens Law’s experience, there are some types that are more common than others.

  • Anesthesia Errors: In extreme cases, a patient may need to go under in order to receive surgery, and this will require anesthesia. Great care must be taken while doing this though to ensure that the anesthesia does not interact poorly with a patient’s medical condition or medication that he or she might be taking.
  • Misdiagnoses: In order for a patient to receive proper treatment, the ailment that the patient is afflicted by must be properly diagnosed. Performing a diagnosis is, however, just as much an art as it is a science. However, there is a certain standard of care that must be upheld when considering a patient’s condition and offering a diagnosis. Receiving treatment for the wrong ailment is just as bad as not having the correct ailment identified.
  • Prescription Errors: Medication, as many well know, can be extremely dangerous if administered in the wrong doses. Further, a patient’s life can be put at risk when he or she is prescribed medication that will have an interaction with other medications that patient might be taking. For this reason, medical professionals are expected to take a full account of a patient’s medical and medication history when making a prescription.

These are just a few of the most common types that the hospital malpractice attorneys at Heavens Law have experienced. In truth, any form of negligence on the part of a medical professional working in a hospital, from intake to outtake, is a form of malpractice and should be taken very seriously by the victim.

What To Do If You’re The Victim of Hospital Malpractice

If you believe that you’ve been subject to negligent or reckless care while in the hospital, then you should get in touch with one of Heavens Law’s hospital malpractice attorney’s right away. You can do so by calling 1-800-HEAV-LAW. When you call, one of our attorneys will offer you a free consultation in which you can explain your circumstance. After this, our hospital malpractice attorney will make recommendations as to the best course of action for you to follow. We’re here to protect your rights and to recover the compensation and damages that are due to you!