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Maryland Company Involved in Recent Accident Has History of Traffic Violations

The Maryland Company that owned the truck at blame for a recent crash in Harrison has been linked to several other accidents.

The most recent wreck occurred at the intersection of US 50 and West Virginia 98 in mid-June. Several vehicles were involved including the water truck. The accident proved fatal for two Harris County residents and several others injured.

Evidence obtained by The Exponent Telegram shows the water truck failed safety inspections since November and has been involved in other crashes.

Man and His 17 Year Old Daughter Killed in Crash

According to the office of Harrison Sheriff Robert Matheny, the two deceased victims were identified as Michael Moore, 48, and his daughter Braylie, 17, both residents of Shinnston. None of the names of injured victims have been released by officials.

Sheriff Sgt. Curt Diaz, whose office is continuing the investigation into the wreck, said three dump trucks and two passenger vehicles were stopped in the right lane of US 50 eastbound and West Virginia 98. There were two additional passenger vehicles in the left land of US 50. All of the vehicles were stopped at the traffic signal.

According to Diaz, “The light was either still red or it had just changed to green, and the vehicles had not started to move yet. And the water tanker collided with the vehicle at the rear” — a Mitsubishi passenger car. The Mitsubishi was crushed between the tanker truck and the dump truck immediately to its front. All of the other vehicles were (struck) just as part of a chain reaction.”

The two deceased victims were pronounced dead on scene and five others involved were transported to a nearby hospital, though none of them seemed to be seriously injured.

Records show the truck, which is owned by a Braddock Construction company, responsible for the accident was involved in crashes in March and June 2018. The vehicle was being operated by a different vehicle during those incidents, though the driver in the most recent accident was placed on a three year pre-trial diversion after pleading guilty to possession of a Schedule 3 controlled substance.

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