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Premise Liability (WV)

It’s well known that those who own property have a duty to ensure that guests that are welcomed onto that property are provided with a safe environment. These properties should be free and clear of any potential safety hazards and anything that might easily cause injury to another person. When a property owner fails to provide such a safe environment, they are being negligent. In these cases, when someone becomes injured due to this negligence, the injured party is permitted to bring suit against the negligent property owner under premise liability law. To do this, it will be necessary to retain the services of a highly experienced West Virginia premise liability attorney, like those that are on the team at Heavens Law.

What Situations Lead to Premise Liability Cases?

As mentioned earlier, premise liability cases originate when a property owner’s negligence leads to the injury of a guest on that property. The most common and well known of this kind of situation is the slip and fall accident. For example, if you were to be walking through your apartment complex and broke a bone because the property manager had failed to repair a broken stairwell, then that property manager would be deemed negligent. Because of this, you would be able to pursue compensation through a premise liability case. This is not the only kind of situation that can lead to a premise liability case, though. For example, premise liability would be at play if you:

  • Were attacked by an unsecured vicious dog
  • Injured by an overly intoxicated patron at a bar or restaurant
  • Exposed to dangerous chemicals while visiting a business
  • Assaulted by criminals on the property of another person

As you can see, premise liability covers the gamut of different kinds of premises from private homes to major businesses. In every case, no matter the premises, the owner of that property has a duty to ensure that it is safe for guests. When injury results from negligence in this regard, then you are within your rights to pursue a premise liability case.

What Should I Do If I’m Injured on Another’s Property?

The most important thing you can do is to make sure that you receive prompt treatment for your injuries. However, it is also vitally important that you preserve any evidence regarding the situation or circumstance that led to your injury. If for example you were to slip and fall on a patch of black ice that was not removed by a property manager, you would want to photograph the scene. Further, if it’s possible that your accident may have been recorded by video surveillance equipment, then you should request that those tapes be preserved. Also, you should get the contact information of anyone who may have witnessed your accident. Preserving evidence is vital, because property owners and the insurance companies that represent them will do whatever’s necessary to avoid paying the maximum. After you’ve gathered the evidence, then it’s time to contact a qualified West Virginia premise liability attorney.

How to Hire a West Virginia Premise Liability Attorney

The West Virginia premise liability attorneys at Heavens Law have years of experience, and they’ve fought hard for injury victims like you. In fact, over the course of their work, they’ve secured millions of dollars for victims in premise liability cases. If you believe that you have a case to bring, then please get in touch by calling 1-800-HEAV-LAW, and we’ll set up a free consultation with you. You can tell us your story, and then our West Virginia premise liability attorneys will go to work fighting for your rights!