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Homeowner Denied Compensation after Explosion Damages Home

Homeowners’ insurance is supposed to cover a variety of damages that can happen to a home. Policyholders pay their premiums and should something unexpected occur, they are supposed to be entitled to compensation to pay for repairs.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen as it should.

In the case of one Benson, Nebraska homeowner, his Homeowners’ insurance has denied payment for nearly four years after his home was damaged in an explosion.

Bill Muddle’s home was damaged in July 2016 when there was a gas explosion in a home near his. One person was killed in the explosion and the home in which the explosion originated was destroyed. Several nearby homes, including Muddle’s, were also damaged.

According to Muddle, his ceiling was cracked so badly by the explosion it was hanging down. There’s a permanent gap from where the top of his home lifted from the force of the explosion and didn’t return evenly to its original position.

Muddle’s home is located three away from the explosion scene. Estimates Muddle received from contractors to fix the damage rang in at more than $50,000.

SafeCo Denies Compensation for Explosion Damage

Despite the damage not being his fault and completely out of his control, SafeCo, the company that held a policy on the house that exploded, has refused to pay for the damages. Muddle has been patching the problems during that time and still hopes to receive compensation for the damages.

Recently, Muddle received a letter from SafeCo stating ““After a thorough investigation we have concluded our insured has no negligence associated with this incident. We will not compensate you for your damages.”

There was no further explanation concerning the denial of compensation.

Muddle doesn’t have the money to fight the insurer for coverage and he believes they know that and that’s why they denied his claim.

SafeCo Only Option for Complete Compensation for Explosion Damages

According to Muddle, his Homeowners’ insurance was dropped several years ago after he filed a claim related to hail damage. He still had hazard coverage through his mortgage company and from that he received $6000 for the damages related to the explosion. Since then he’s been trying to collect the bulk of repair costs from SafeCo.

Muddle’s home is now surrounded by newly built replacement homes and from the street, nobody would be able to tell what occurred in 2016. But he knows. He also knows none of the damage was his fault and that he deserves to be compensated so he can afford to make the needed repairs to his home.

When questioned, SafeCo refused to comment on how many of the other Homeowners’ whose homes were damaged in the explosion had filed claims.

Muddle intends to file a complaint with the Nebraska Department of Insurance regarding the issue and is hoping there will be an investigation into why SafeCo, which is affiliated with Liberty Mutual, denied his claim.

If your insurance claim has been denied or you believe you are entitled to compensation but your situation isn’t going smoothly, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377 for more information.