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    Airplane Accidents

    Like buses and trains, commercial airplanes are considered “common carriers,” as they transport both cargo and passengers. State and federal regulations govern the activities of all common carriers. Such vehicles are generally held to a much higher standard than private vehicles, like private jets, for example, fulfilling the same purpose.

    When a commercial airplane crashes the aftermath can be devastating. Discovering the cause of the crash for the sake of the surviving family, as well as for prevention of a similar tragedy in the future, is of the utmost importance.

    Investigation into the cause of an airplane crash is second only to rescue efforts. Investigative procedures can be extremely difficult, however, as the violence of a crash is quite destructive; often leaving little evidence to reconstruct the crash. This is especially true in a crash in or over water.

    The information obtained from the investigation of a crash is vital in the legal arena, as it determines whether or not liability claims against the airline are appropriate.

    Airplane Accident Lawsuits

    The most common cause of an airplane crash is pilot error. Design flaw, mechanical failure, and extreme weather conditions may also be to blame.

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