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Head-On Crash Kills Three

A head-on crash near Folsom Lake was fatal for three people involved. According to the Folsom Police Department, the crash involved two vehicles on Folsom Lake Crossing.

One person was extracted from a vehicle. At least one person was sent to the hospital but did not survive.

Police report the crash occurred after one of the vehicles involved crossed over the double yellow line. The crash caused the closing of Folsom Lake Crossing for three hours following the accident.

Vehicle Crashes Have a Variety of Causes

There is no word from law enforcement yet about what might have caused the vehicle to cross the yellow line.

Many accidents like this one are caused by distracted driving. Sometimes drivers are inebriated. Regardless of the cause, it’s dangerous for everyone on the road when someone drives recklessly. This includes failing to use caution, failing to yield, making poor decisions, being distracted, speeding, and many other factors.

It’s important to seek experienced legal support if you or a loved one is injured by a reckless or negligent driver.

Working with a car accident lawyer helps you relieve some of the burdens that follow a vehicle collision. You can take time to recover from your stress and injury while your attorney handles the administrative tasks and other issues that arise after a crash.

An attorney can help you:

  • Stand up to insurance companies and their tactics
  • Gather evidence before it’s unavailable
  • Ensure your claim includes all potential damages
  • Help you identify liable parties
  • Mitigate any claims that you share responsibility
  • File your claim according to laws in your state
  • Consult with expert witnesses
  • Determine your accident’s cause
  • Prove negligence
  • Represent you in court

Complications tend to accumulate quickly in the aftermath of a crash. If you’re injured, you’ll need to deal with doctor appointments, medical bills, lost wages, emotional stress, and difficult insurance companies.

Hiring an attorney might be the most critical step you take after your car crash, along with seeking professional medical attention.

You could be eligible for compensation if you’re the victim of someone else’s reckless or negligent driving. A car accident attorney can help you determine whether you have a case and help you seek maximum compensation.

Our team at Heavens Law understands how difficult it is to be injured in a vehicle accident. We’ve worked with drivers, passengers, and their families to help them seek compensation for their injuries.

For more information or to discuss your situation, contact Heavens Law at 484-467-8254. All phone consultations are free and confidential, with no obligation beyond that.