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Goodyear Could Face NHTSA Sanctions

More sanctions could in the future for Goodyear after the company concealed defects with its G159 truck tires.

The NHTSA opened a Preliminary Evaluation at the end of 2017 into the field performance of the tire based on information included in a claim filed against the company in 2005.

According to the legal complaint, the Haeger family of Tucson, Arizona, were involved in a serious accident in June 2003 when the right front tire – a Goodyear G159 275/70R.22.5 – on their Spartan Gulfstream Class A motorhome underwent a tread separation that caused the vehicle to careen out of control. Three of the four family members were pinned under parts of the motor home and suffered multiple bone fractures, head trauma, and nerve damage.

Over the years, the case transformed from a product liability case into an indictment of Goodyear regarding the company’s G159 tires, as well as their underhanded and shady legal tactics. The legal battle included sanctions against attorneys, fraud charges, multiple settlement, and a US Supreme Court decision but still isn’t over yet.

Unusually High Failure Rate of G159 Tires Garners Attention from Industry Experts

The latest issue to capture the attention of the NHTSA concerns the failure rate of the G159 tires.

After years of fighting, Goodyear finally disclosed all of its product liability lawsuit information regarding the tires in 2017. It turns out there were 98 deaths and injuries, 600 property damage claims, and more than 3400 warranty adjustments related to problems with the G159 tires. Concerns about the tires are especially high when it comes to their use on motorhomes, as was the case with the Haeger family.

For years, Goodyear has publicly blamed consumers for the problems with the tires, but those familiar with the issues with the G159 believe the company has been covering its tracks – and then some.

Now, it’s expected that the upcoming investigation by the NHTSA could result in information that will be used to support individual and class action claims against the company.

You Could Be Eligible for Compensation If You Drove a Vehicle with G159 Tires

If you were injured in an accident because of tread separation issues on a tire, especially a Goodyear G159 tire, or the tires on your car, truck, motor home, or other vehicle did not perform as expected and this resulted in a collision, you could be eligible for compensation.

We’ve worked with people who have been in accidents that were caused by malfunctions and defects on their vehicles. These crashes can be catastrophic and can result in injuries that change your life forever. Your deserve compensation and to be treated with respect by companies that make false promises about their products.

To learn more or to speak to someone about concerns about your vehicle’s tires and safety issues, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377.