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Defective Products at Work

Every year, there are news stories about products being recalled because they’re defective. While these usually refer to consumer products, the type people use at work can also be defective. When they are, they can very seriously put people’s lives at risk on a daily basis. If you have fallen victim to a defective product at work or believe your employer is using one, here’s important information you need to know.

Reporting the Defective Product

Just because a product is defective doesn’t mean it’s your company’s fault or that they’re purposely ignoring it. That’s why your first step should be letting your employer know that something on the jobsite isn’t working correctly.

Ideally, they’ll be grateful for this information and work to make sure that product doesn’t pose a risk to anyone. Sometimes, though, this doesn’t occur. Instead, employees like you find themselves ignored. Worse yet, some feel like their employer is trying to intimidate them into keeping quiet about it.

This is where you need to seek the assistance of an attorney. If you’re uncomfortable with bringing up the defective product in the first place, you may want to talk to an attorney for this reason too. However, if you believe your employer is actively punishing you for doing so, you definitely need the services of a qualified attorney. Every year, whistleblowers seek out attorneys to help them do what’s right.

Have You Been Injured Due to a Defective Product?

Unfortunately, sometimes employees find out about defective products because they get injured. If you’ve been so unlucky, it should go without saying that you want an attorney who specializes in personal injuries and workers’ compensation.

Depending on your employer, they may try to offer you a settlement before you ever speak to a lawyer. The amount they put forward might even seem quite generous. More than likely, though, they’re hoping you’ll sign papers before you realize how much you’re actually entitled to.

Unless the medical bills for your injury were negligible, always talk to an attorney before agreeing to anything. Even when you consider their fees, it’s always worth it.

Holding the Right Parties Accountable

Another reason to hire an attorney in this scenario is because you may not know whom to go after. The defective product is most likely the fault of the manufacturer. However, your employer may be liable because they kept using it after a problem was found or they were using it for inappropriate reasons. One of your coworkers could also be responsible for the defect. Whatever the case, you want to be sure your suit goes after the right people in the most effective way, and an attorney will help with this.

That being said, you can’t always go after your employer. If they have workers’ compensation and they didn’t intentionally play a role in injuring you, it’s most likely their insurance company you’ll be targeting.

Hire a Specialist

Hopefully, the above section makes clear that you want to hire a law firm with experience in this kind of lawsuit. Most lawyers can probably handle a simple workers’ compensation claim. This type of suit most likely involves several additional layers though. If you want the damages you deserve and the responsible parties brought to justice, you need to pick a law firm that has a credentialed history of being successful in these scenarios.

No one deserves to go to work every day worried about their safety. Unfortunately, if your jobsite involves defective products, that’s exactly what’s occurring. You should report this immediately and, if no one listens, hire an attorney to help you move forward. Obviously, if you’ve been injured because of this product, it’s time to file suit.