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Drug Possession

Drug Possession Laws in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, anyone who is in possession of drugs, controlled or illegal substance is a criminal under the law. This could include cocaine, marijuana, crystal meth among other harmful substances.

If anyone is found guilty of this crime in the state then that usually means that there is irrevocable proof connecting them to the crime. However, if the individual in question can present a medical note from a doctor prescribing the drug for an ailment, then their charges can be dropped. The same will be the case if the individual happens to be a registered and licensed medical practitioner under the Pennsylvania State Board.

Penalties and sentences for drug possession in Pennsylvania

Even though several states now consider marijuana a controlled substance for medical use, the same is not the case under Pennsylvania’s laws. Possession of the drug in the state can result in a prison sentence depending on the amount that is found =. For example, if less than 30 grams are found the guilty party can end up in jail for 30 days and have to pay a $500 fine. More than 30 grams can lead to a year in jail and a $5,000 fine.

In case an individual possesses larger amounts of marijuana he/she can face several different penalties in Pennsylvania. A person in possession of the drug can also be charged with a felony if their intent is to distribute the substance. Besides these, possession of medication such as Oxytocin, Vicodin, and Xanax can also lead to a prison sentence if they are not accompanied by a prescription.

Controlled Substances

Possession of a counterfeit or a controlled substance without a prescription and with the intent to sell makes it a crime that can lead to jail time. Besides marijuana, this includes heroin, Ecstasy, and cocaine to name a few. Possession of 1 gram of any of these opiates can lead to a misdemeanor charge and a penalty of up to a year. If the guilty party is found in possession of those drugs post-charge, they can go to prison for up to 3 years.

The type of penalty a criminal can get usually depends on the type of substance he/she is caught with. Less than 30 grams of marijuana, for instance, can be termed an ungraded misdemeanor. Other narcotics can lead to a felony charge and a jail sentence of about 15 years along with a fine of $250,000. This amount can increase in order to drain assets purchased from the proceeds of selling those drugs.  

Charges for Drug Crimes in Pennsylvania

Charges for dealers and drug traffickers in Pennsylvania are more severe in comparison – if found guilty, a drug trafficker can face 15 years in prison and a double penalty is imminent in case they sell to minors.

Pennsylvania drug laws are strict when it comes to possession and their subsequent charges and penalties. If you or someone you know has been found in possession of any of the aforementioned drugs, Pennsylvania Attorneys can give you sound legal advice before agreeing to a plea bargain.