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Coopers Creek Home Explodes

Firefighters were on scene when a house exploded in the early morning hours in the Coopers Creek area recently.

According to a Kanawha County dispatcher, there were reports of a propane tank rolling down a hill and coming to a stopped next to a house on Rosewood Way. Firefighters arrived soon after around 1:40 am and the tank exploded shortly after.

According to the Office of the State Fire Marshal, there were no injuries in the explosion.

The Coopers Creek explosion is the second to happen in Logan County within a week. According to Chief Deputy Mike Mayers of the Logan County Sheriff’s Office, the first explosion killed a 71 year old man.

The cause of the most recent explosion, though linked to the propane tank, is undetermined.

Gas and Propane Explosions a Long-term Problem

Recently, there have been a number of headlines throughout the country about propane gas explosions, and explosions have been an issue over the years. Sadly, these explosions can occur at any time and without warning if there’s a tank under or near your home. Sometimes, it’s impossible to even know why an explosion occurred, though old rusty gas pipes are often the culprit.

These explosions can be devastating. Explosions in the past have leveled multiple homes simultaneously, set fire to entire neighborhoods, and killed people of all ages. Builders, engineers, and others in the industry are making efforts to curtail these explosions with modern technological advances, but the truth is there are still hundreds of thousands of homes throughout the country that have outdated pipes and old gas tanks in or near their homes.

The attorneys at Heavens Law have worked with individuals who have lost their homes and been injured in gas tank explosions and fires. We’ve also worked with individuals who have been injured in explosions caused by other reasons, including vehicle accidents.

The trauma from these accidents can be devastating and leave you with lifelong injuries and scars. They can also be deadly.

Our goal is to help every burn victim injured in an explosion and every family member who lost a loved one in an explosion get the compensation they deserve. We understand the laws regarding litigation related to fires and explosions, and we’ll do all we can to make sure you are treated with dignity and respect.

If you would like to know more or you’d like to speak to someone about injuries sustained in a fire or explosion, contact Heavens Law at 888.897.5377.