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Pennsylvania Fires

As is the case anywhere else in the country, fires present a risk to the health and property of homeowners and business owners in the state of Pennsylvania. When fires do occur, the toll that they take can be extreme. The most moderate of cases only result in the damage to or loss of property; the worst of cases can result in serious bodily injuries and even the loss of life. What makes matters even worse for those who fall victim to fires in Pennsylvania are the insurance companies. Ever invested in their bottom lines, they often attempt to assign blame for a fire to its victim, thereby depriving that victim of the coverage that he or she paid for.

The Potential Toll of a Pennsylvania Fire

Fires can and will happen any place where there’s something that’s combustible or flammable. Therefore, it’s impossible to identify all of the potential places that a fire can take place. That said, the most common sites of fires are:

  • Homes
  • Cars
  • Commercial Businesses
  • Industrial Workspaces
  • Mines

When these fires take place, the tolls that they take can be enormous. A fire will naturally result in damage to if not the outright loss of property. But, in almost every case, bodily injuries will result, with burns being the most common. Beyond this, Pennsylvania fire victims can find themselves contending with the long-term costs of dealing with medical complications resulting from smoke inhalation and oxygen deprivation. Further, some fire victims may even find themselves poisoned when a fire results in the release of toxic fumes. Because of these and other factors, medical expenses that result from a fire – which are in addition to the expense of repairing or replacing property – are often quite exorbitant.

Chris Heavens’ Experience with Pennsylvania Fires

Over his many years as a litigator, Chris Heavens has represented countless fire victims in the state of Pennsylvania. He’s able to fight diligently for their rights and their due compensation, because he understands how the insurance companies work. That’s because he spent years of his professional life working a for a law firm that represented insurance companies in Pennsylvania fire cases. Due to this experience, Chris Heavens knows everything that’s in an insurance company’s bag of tricks, and he now uses this knowledge to protect Pennsylvania fire victims from these predatory practices.

What To Do in the Aftermath of a Fire

If you find yourself the victim of a fire in Pennsylvania, the most important thing you can do in the immediate aftermath – aside from tending to your loved ones – is to preserve evidence. This evidence includes everything from the Fire Marshall’s report, which can be obtained by making a Freedom of Information Act request, to photographic evidence. Do not rely on the insurance company to do this for you, as they will often bury evidence that could yield a higher claim amount for you. Further, you will necessarily want to retain the services of a highly experienced Pennsylvania fire lawyer, like Chris Heavens, who will be able to conduct a thorough investigation of your case, accumulating additional evidence pertaining to any parties that can and should be held responsible for the fire that took place.

Chris Heavens Is the Pennsylvania Fire Lawyer You Need

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to a fire in Pennsylvania, then you should get in touch with Heavens Law today. Under the direction of Chris Heavens, this firm has a proven track record of fighting tooth and nail for the rights of Pennsylvania fire victims, helping them to achieve the fullest compensation possible due to them in their individual cases.