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City of Sibley Sued for Negligence

A lawsuit has been filed against the city of Sibley, Iowa, after a man was electrocuted and fell after touching a high-voltage line. According to the lawsuit, the city knew the line’s location did not comply with safety codes, but failed to warn the worker.

Victor Maldonado, a construction worker working on a building in Sibley, claims a city-owned power line was too close to the structure on which he was working and it caused him to be electrocuted on Sept. 26, 2018. He then suffered further injuries when he fell from the location where he was working.

According to Maldonado’s claim, the city knew the location of the line was a risk but failed to warn him. The lawsuit is claiming negligence and failure to warn of the risk.

Maldonado is seeking more than $75,000 in damages, which includes payment of his medical expenses and compensation for his permanent damages, as well as lost wages and earning capacity.

City Aware that Wire Posed Risk

The lawsuit, filed in a district court in Sioux City, Iowa, states that Maldonado was on the roof of the building at 839 Third Ave in the city of Sibley. He was there to fix a rain gutter on the building.

According to Maldonado’s claim, he’d been handling the aluminum downspout when the electrical line sent a current through the spout and into his body. The electrocution resulted in a 20-foot fall into the alley beneath him. He suffered severe electrical burns from the electrocution and several injuries from the fall, including a brain injury, facial and cranial fractures, blindness in one eye, and loss of function in his limbs.

The lawsuit also claims that the line’s placement was not in compliance with Iowa law. According to the law, electricity providers must comply with the National Electrical Safety Code, which requires 12.5 feet or more of clearance between lines and buildings.

Maldonado alleges the city was negligent in the placement of the wire because there was a not a safe, legal distance between the building he was working on and the wire.

Workers Entitled to Compensation If Injured Due to Negligence

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