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Bend Nightclub Faces Lawsuit Alleging Negligence in Stabbing Outside of Club

A nightclub in Bend is facing a $1 million lawsuit after a man alleged he was attacked outside of the club as bouncers from the club watched. According to the plaintiff, the security staff at Se7en did nothing as he was stabbed four times. The claim alleges the club was negligent and created a “violent atmosphere” that led to the attack.

Co-owner Brian Timme maintains the fight occurred across the street from the bar. Timme said he had not seen the lawsuit so he would not make any further comments regarding the event.

According to the complaint filed by Bend attorney Brigid Turner on behalf of Canby resident Antonio Zuniga, the nightclub has a history of physical altercations on the premises and there is often criminal conduct that results in physical injuries to those who patronize the establishment.

Zuniga suffered injuries to his upper arms, chest, and side.

Attackers Convicted of Assault

In addition to the club, the complaint also names Isaias Gutierrez-Parra, Edgar Ramirez, and Omar Arambula, three men from Central Oregon who were convicted in 2018.

The complaint states that Zuniga and his friends were socializing at Se7en in the early morning hours of May 5, 2018, when the three co-defendants entered the nightclub. The lawsuit alleges the men were noticeably intoxicated and that the club’s bouncer knew this to be the case. The men behaved in a disorderly manner and the bouncer attempted to get the group to leave. Zuniga approached the men claiming that he intended to “de-escalate the situation.”

Once outside the club, one of the men pulled out a knife and stabbed Zuniga four times.

According to the complaint, security staff from Se7even witnesses the attack but did nothing to defend Zuniga.

Following the attack, law enforcement sought the identities of the attackers who had run off after the stabbing. The three attackers were arrested within a few days after numerous tips helped with the identification. Gutierrez-Parra, Ramirez, and Arambula were convicted in December. Both Gutierrez-Parra and Ramirez pleaded no contest to third-degree assault and received sentences of three years of supervised probation. Arambula also faced third-degree assault charges, as well as an attempted murder charge, and was sentenced to three years in prison.

Following the criminal proceedings, Zuniga went on to file his civil complaint against the club and the three men.

Victims of Assault Should Seek Legal Representation

If you or a loved one has been injured in a physical altercation, we can help. In many cases, there is more than one party negligent in an attack.

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