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Whiplash Injury Attorneys

Did you know that attorneys have stopped using the term “whiplash” as much as they used to because it has become synonymous with exaggerated or even fake medical claims? This is unfortunate because whiplash injuries are very real and very serious.

Though they are most often caused by car accidents (and normally in a low speed, low end rear end collision) they can also be due to contact sports, assaults, recreational accidents (such as skiing and snowmobiling), on the job accidents, and during a slip and fall incident.

What this means is that a lot of whiplash claims fall under the personal injury category of the law, and that someone who sustains whiplash really needs an experienced attorney on their side.

Rely on Whiplash Injury Attorneys

If you sustain an injury that is due to the negligence of another person or group, you should never have to deal with the financial and emotional stresses that it causes. For example, you may have been at a stoplight and were hit from behind by someone using their mobile phone. This may have caused whiplash, and you should never have to pay for medical expenses, pain and suffering, damages, and so on.

Additionally, in the case of whiplash, you cannot ignore the seriousness of this soft tissue injury. It may take a tremendous amount of time to heal, and you may suffer with pain throughout the rest of your life.

Timing is Everything

Unfortunately, the different ways that whiplash can occur can actually allow you to sustain the injury and not realize it for several days. This can make it particularly challenging to prove in a court of law that you sustained the injury at the time you claim.

Whiplash injury attorneys are all too familiar with this set of unfortunate circumstances and should be able to help you work around the delayed onset of symptoms to prove that you did indeed sustain the injury as indicated.

For one thing, your attorney is going to enter into the relationship knowing that the liable parties are probably going to fight your claims. This is one of the reasons you may never hear them use the word “whiplash” when describing your injury. Instead, they may work with you to obtain medical records, accident reports, and expert opinions that discuss your “hyperextension” or “cervical sprain” and how it happened.

They may also seek out very complex technical details from experts who can illustrate how you sustained the injury and when it happened. This sort of pinpointing of the timeline can prevent anyone from claiming that you did not get medical treatment at the time of the incident and must not have sustained the injury then.

Of course, this is why so many people are now told to always get medical attention after even the mildest automobile accidents. Seeing a physician as soon as an accident occurs is a good way of allowing yourself to pursue follow up care in the days and weeks following the incident and demonstrating that something was wrong immediately after the accident.

Now, getting medical treatment and knowing a bit about whiplash injuries is not all it takes to make a claim and get compensation. There is a lot more to it, and whiplash injury attorneys are really the key to success. At Heavens Law you can speak with a deeply experienced attorney about your whiplash injury. Whether you are dealing with a serious disability, chronic pain, or the need to cover medical bills that you just shouldn’t have to pay on your own, they can advise you about your next steps and stick with you until you win the desired compensation.


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