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West Virginia Four Wheeler Accidents

Although four wheelers are such handy vehicles to have around farms and other rural workplaces, they are also a leading cause of serious injury and even hundreds of deaths every year. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission tracks four wheeler accidents and reports that over 150k people enter emergency rooms each year because of four wheelers. This is usually because they are not being operated properly and then a serious accident occurs.

For example, someone may be using an ATV or a four wheeler, but they may not really be in control of the vehicle or they may be operating it so unsafely that they cannot stop it in time to prevent an accident. When this occurs, it is considered a recreational accident, and there are very specific rules and laws around such instances.

What to Do After West Virginia Four Wheeler Accidents

State laws determine the legal implications of ATV and RV accidents, and yet most accidents tend to share a lot of the same characteristics and outcomes. Generally, someone is gravely injured because they may have failed to wear a helmet or because they were not following the most common safety tips (such as not having a passenger, not following state regulations, using it under the influence, or not being familiar with safe and standard operations of the vehicle).  Then, it becomes a legal matter and is focused on who is liable for costs associated with the injuries, damages, and losses.

Sadly, some of the most common injuries are head and brain injuries, and these demand a lengthy and costly period of medical care and subsequent rehabilitation. In fact, many victims involved in West Virginia four wheeler accidents may require physical therapy for the rest of their lives. Naturally, it becomes necessary to determine who is liable and responsible for these costs.

In addition to the financial burdens of medical care and therapy, those involved in four wheeler accidents (or their families) may need to identify those liable for damages in order to obtain compensation for emotional suffering, lost wages, and much more. And these all constitute reasons for seeking out the help of a qualified legal expert as soon as possible after such an incident.

You Will Need Help

Those involved in West Virginia four wheeler accidents may need to establish liability, and then determine just how to collect damages due to them for their injury and suffering. A skilled and experienced attorney is going to understand what steps to take in order to do so, and it may come as a surprise to those involved. After all, a lot of people assume that the courts might dismiss claims because the use of the four wheeler was something that was done with full knowledge of the risks or because it was on someone’s private lands. However, such cases are often covered under the homeowner policies of the person deemed liable for the incident.

For example, a group of people may be using four wheelers on a friend’s land. An accident occurred and yet no one involved owns the land on which it happens. Who can be found liable? The person who was using the four wheeler in an unsafe manner is liable, and their homeowner’s insurance may be how coverage is obtained. Naturally, this may not be the case, but it takes the knowledge of an experienced attorney to know what to do at such challenging times.

If you have been involved in a four wheeler accident, or you are the family of someone involved in such an incident, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heavens Law. They will consult with you on the case and help you choose your next step.


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