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Pennsylvania Construction Accident Attorneys

It is not at all reassuring to discover just how dangerous the construction industry is, and just how many hundreds of people die on the job every year. In 2013 alone there were almost 800 people killed doing construction work. The most common reasons for these deaths include falling, being electrocuted, being caught in or between machines, and being hit by objects. (OSHA.gov, 2013)  In almost all of these deaths it is easy to see a single clear pattern – the person who died may not have been at fault or in control of the situation.

So, who is at fault? That is the job of groups like OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to figure out and attempt to remedy through legislation and workplace rules. However, for those injured or killed, any changes in policies or guidelines come too late, and they are left struggling with medical expenses, grief, and hardship.

Things can often go from bad to worse when those injured, or their surviving dependents, learn that the construction companies, property owners, contractors, or other groups are trying to shirk the responsibility for the incident. Using their many resources, these groups often try to find a way to reduce or eliminate their liabilities, and confidentiality agreements and other legal issues may prevent a victim (or their family) from using OSHA’s report on the incident.

Turn to Pennsylvania Construction Accident Attorneys

This is the reason that it is of the utmost importance to get in touch with experienced Pennsylvania construction accident attorneys immediately after an incident has occurred. Regardless of any other resources you have available, qualified legal expertise in the area of construction accidents often becomes your most invaluable resource.

Why? Because construction companies and property owners understand and know all about the statistics relating to worker injury and death, they remain constantly prepared to combat any claims of responsibility or liability. They hire teams of lawyers and experts to help them with any issues that arise, whether as serious as wrongful death or minor injury, their goal is often to avoid problems with OSHA, fines, and large financial liabilities to families or workers.

The complex arrangements that many construction firms make with their contractors, subcontractors, designers, architects, suppliers and others can make it very easy for them to eliminate or reduce their responsibility. Additionally, the legal red tape that allows evidence to be inadmissible also strengthens their legal fights against liability, as well.

However, cases have occurred in which the courts make it clear that an owner must ensure that sites are as safe as possible. However, that does not prevent construction firms and property owners from combating a victim’s claims. And it can feel almost impossible to wage a strong fight from a hospital bed or while in the midst of grief after the loss of a loved one.

Fortunately, you do not have to struggle against this system on your own. There are Pennsylvania construction accident attorneys ready to stand by the victims and help them get the compensation they are owed after any sort of incident has left them injured or their families without income. Additionally, wrongful death can also come with claims for pain and suffering and more.

At Heavens Law you can consult with experienced attorneys familiar with the many ways that construction industry owners and operators may seek to reduce or even evade liability. You can discuss your particular case for free, and then get information about your options and next viable steps. You may be surprised to hear that you do have a case, that you can take it forward and claim compensation, and that qualified attorneys are there on your side.


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