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Pennsylvania Car Accident Attorneys

Auto insurance is always something that leaves a lot of people confused. What sort of coverage should you get? Should it be as comprehensive as possible or should you just get the bare minimum? If you speak with Pennsylvania car accident attorneys, they are always going to caution against under insuring yourself, and this is because you can end up facing liabilities that you cannot possibly afford and which insurance won’t cover either.

The Complexities

The insurance rules in the state of Pennsylvania can be extremely confusing to many people, and yet it is very beneficial to take the time and understand them because they do offer a lot of useful information. For one thing, you can get limited or full coverage. This is known as tort or liability coverage, and it lets you pursue the other driver if they are at fault for an accident. However, this doesn’t help you out if you caused an accident while driving your car.

What this tells us is that you should always get enough coverage to protect your assets in the event of a bad accident, otherwise you can face losing everything you own to pay someone who sues you for damages and injuries.

Of course, if we go back to that first type of insurance – the limited or full coverage – you should know that it too does not allow you to pursue the guilty party for the fullest damages if you choose only limited coverage. For example, let’s say that a husband and wife are in a car and one of them is killed by another driver. If the couple had only limited tort coverage they could not pursue the guilty driver for pain and suffering. If they wanted to prove that they had serious injury at the hands of the other driver, they may receive that compensation, but that would take legal expertise.

Work with Attorneys

This is why you should always get in touch with qualified Pennsylvania car accident attorneys as soon as possible following any incidents. They will be able to speak with you about the many ways you were covered (or left vulnerable) and then help you make your next moves.

For instance, you may have gone for as much coverage as possible and taken full tort liability, allowing you to pursue anyone guilty of causing an accident for the fullest compensation possible. You may also purchase collision and uninsured motorist coverage to protect you if you were in an accident with someone who had too little coverage or even none at all. Even with all of this coverage, an experienced attorney would enable you to pursue a claim to the greatest extent possible, and all without the insurance company of the other driver reducing the liability or lowering the amount of compensation you receive.

Try to keep in mind that a lot of insurance providers like to keep cases out of the courtroom, and to do so they initiate negotiations between themselves and the person who was injured (or their surviving dependents if the accident led to a death). This is never something to do on your own. You need a skilled and experienced attorney at such times in order to protect your interests and to get the best terms.

At Heavens Law, you can discuss your case for free with an experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney. You will be able to learn about the options within your particular situation and hear what logical next steps to take. However, you do want to get in touch with an attorney as soon as you can after an accident, so don’t hesitate to call them today.


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